Sancha Lake Primary School won two first prizes and one third prize in U8U9 U10 division of Chengdu Primary and Secondary School Football League

In order to implement the spirit of the National Youth Campus Football Work Conference, improve the level of campus football, promote the vigorous development of school football and promote the healthy growth of students, Chengdu Eastern New Area Sanchahu Primary School participated in the 2021-2022 Chengdu Primary and Secondary School Campus Football League COMPETITIONS of U8, U9 and U10.In the game, the players enjoy the sweat, neither afraid of hardship nor afraid of fatigue, hard work, and finally pass through, defeated the rest of the group, obtained excellent results, showing the football players positive, tenacious fighting sportsmanship.Through this league, the participating athletes enjoy the happiness of football, further improve the level of football skills, greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of students in sports, for the students to study and life into new vitality, but also more firm sancha Lake primary school to continue to promote the campus football characteristics of the school confidence.Green transfer dream, hard dancing youth.Although the football match ended, but the determination of the football athletes to pursue their dreams did not end, their indomitable figure will always be remembered in the field.The football match, not only enrich the students’ extracurricular activities, strong physique, but also strengthen the communication between the school and the school, the students, enhance the friendship;Also let the students deeply realize that tacit understanding is the best trust between each other, enhance team consciousness and cohesion.Sancha Lake Primary School won two first prizes and one third prize in U8, U9 and U10 groups of Chengdu Primary and secondary school football League – School dynamics – primary school · Primary school – School information network

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