What items should the car be maintained after long distance driving

1. Add oil and water to check whether the oil and water are enough and whether the oil quality is good.The content includes oil, coolant, glass water, etc., the liquid level is insufficient to add, the oil quality is not good to be replaced.2. Check whether there is leakage of oil in the powertrain and transmission system to prevent oil seepage.There are several major components (such as engine, gearbox, rear axle, etc.) whether there is leakage of oil, etc.3, reinforce the chassis while each car before delivery, the chassis antirust processing, some even through two-sided galvanized or double-sided antirust processing, but in the professional and technical personnel, the price is in 200000 yuan of less than domestic cars, the chassis if only limited to smooth in urban roads, the chassis check unscathed, 10000 kilometers,But if walked a few mountain roads or the word of rotten road, so the dirt such as mud is adherent extremely easily on chassis, even the sand stone that a few knock chassis ceaselessly also can peel off the protective layer of chassis, chassis is greatened by the possibility of rust erosion.Therefore, it is necessary to check the chassis even if the vehicle has only traveled several thousand kilometers.The detection content includes whether the transmission parts and suspension parts are loose or damaged (such as drive shaft, half shaft, half shaft dust jacket, suspension, shock absorber, ball head) and chassis corrosion inspection.4, tire check hidden tire is the only part of the car contact with the ground, so the probability of injury is high.The owner can check whether the tire has obvious trauma, cut marks.If there are obvious scars on the side of the tire, it is recommended to replace the tire, because the tire wall is thin, the pressure is limited, the chance of tire explosion will greatly increase.Maintenance should first check tire pressure, wear, nut loose or fall off, remove the intertire or tread of embedded objects and nails and other sharp debris.If there is a driving deviation or swing phenomenon, it is necessary to re-do the four-wheel positioning or dynamic balance.5, brake system including brake pad, brake tubing, brake master pump, sub-pump, hand brake, etc.6, circuit check, including light, instrument indication is normal.7, cleaning engine oil road some scenic spots are backward, there is not necessarily a high grade of gasoline supply.If low grade gasoline or inferior gasoline is used, on the one hand, the engine produces knock and noise;On the other hand, it is easy to make the catalyst in the exhaust pipe, namely the three-way catalytic purifier, fail, and then the exhaust emissions are unqualified, and some will plug the exhaust pipe, because the exhaust is not smooth, the engine performance is weak, and increase the fuel consumption.Serious damage to engine internal parts, such as the top of the piston burning.In the above situation, the engine can be cleaned and maintained.The event will run from February 15, 2022 to February 28, 2022

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