00 after the first choice of saloon car, small couple two people travel favorite

What kind of rv do the post-00s like?Today to bring you a car owner is a 00, the appearance is very simple, many internal functions.● The appearance of the chassis is based on SAIC Datong V80plus, body length 5700, width 1998, height 2552, meet the national six emissions, blue card C certificate can be driven.There is no decoration or logo on the appearance, which is convenient for my own modification and creation in the later period.● Power This car is equipped with a 2.0T diesel engine, matching with a 6AMT transmission, multi-functional steering wheel, central control Internet large screen, 100 kilometers only 9 oil.Driving airbag, central control large screen, cruise control, ESP stability system, make our driving more safe.● The interior of the vehicle four-seat layout, the main and co-driver can rotate.Rear folding tables and chairs, put away when not in use, increase the rear space.The interior is mainly white, with sauna board on top, especially in line with the simple aesthetic of young people.● Bar area The flat bar is folded to increase the operating space. The american-style plate adds a warm tone to the interior.The 50L refrigerator below keeps food fresh.Concealed type wash one’s hands pool ● toilet toilet is honeycomb louver door, more deportability.The car uses a portable toilet, so there is a lot of room.● There is a large horizontal bed at the back of the sleeping area, with a length of 185 and a width of 120.Both men had plenty of rest.The right side is equipped with household air conditioning, grille decoration, more integrated into the interior.The lower window makes the rear rest area more breathable.Left side store the lower part of room of horizontal buy big bed is a very big store content storehouse, luggage is not afraid of again much.This car is equipped with 800 lithium battery, 3000 inverter, 130L clean water, 50L grey water, official guide price 34.8W.Wei Hang Rv, define a life!

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