Formulate “one mine one policy” to achieve stable production plan shanxi coking coal safety production to ensure supply

During the Spring Festival holiday, Shanxi coking coal made an overall plan for safety and environmental protection, epidemic prevention and control, coal supply protection and other work. Under the premise of ensuring safety, it produced 2.925 million tons of raw coal, 1.049 million tons of refined coal, 152,000 tons of coke, generated 40,512 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, and sold 2.145 million tons of coal, effectively ensuring a stable energy supply during the holiday.It has effectively shouldered the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises.Before the festival, Shanxi coking coal on the Spring Festival during the safety of production, energy and other key work to make special arrangements for deployment.During the festival, shanxi coking coal each basic unit is firmly put the energy as the premise of guarantee for safe production, strict enforcement of “article 15 the special period safety management measures”, improve emergency response plans, strengthening on duty shift, unattended, supervision inspection of shift, always put the safety work in heart, carry on the shoulder, grasp the in hand, to promote safe responsibility and safety measures to carry out the fine,We firmly adhered to the bottom line of safety, strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control measures, and laid a good foundation for the continuous and stable production of mines.At the same time, Shanxi coking coal scientific formulation of “one mine one policy” to achieve stable production plan, reasonable organization of production, optimization of mining and mining continuation, accelerate the release of advanced coal capacity, and actively strive for railway capacity.Shanxi coking coal sales company staff stick to their posts, take the initiative to understand customer demand, internal actively contact with each production unit, to ensure the effective connection of production, washing, transportation and sales, effectively guarantee the sustainable and stable supply of coal and coke resources during the Spring Festival.(Zhang Yi, Zhang Yan) Shanxi Daily

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