Inhuman zai: September red envelope received cool, jade directly to gold!Does she give red envelopes to people?

Have you received any red envelopes this year?In the story of “unzai”, although our sister in September has been more than 200 years old, but according to the age of the monster is still a young, friends around the small jade xiao Xiao fierce what the lowest are 1000 years old start, New Year’s Day to give her red envelopes.This dynamic of them give home rich, he also worked as a boss, after work, so to get a red envelope should be pretty good summer although they usually spend it seems like not much, but feeling a bit weak at ordinary times the ways of the world, such as the exchange of gifts before he prepared a pile of old toys! Kind of dog bones! Like,It is not necessarily a big red envelope for September, because jingwei has a lot of children to raise at home, so I think the red envelope may not be particularly large, is the standard level.But among them, jade tuhao to the red envelope can be very considerable, as the leader of the Moon Palace jade rabbits, jade sister is very rich, every time the red envelope is particularly generous, let the September sister in this Spring Festival to earn pot full pot full.How exaggerated is the red envelope xiaoyu sister gave?General people send red envelopes are to just money, people jade sister directly to gold!Mooncakes made of gold!According to the current unit price of gold, these things are not cheap at all oh, how big a piece!In China, we all pay attention to the reciprocity of courtesy and worldly wisdom. So in the story, in addition to receiving the red envelope, will the September girl also send the red envelope?Is it possible that she gave red envelopes to others?As mentioned above, the children of Jingwei are older than them. Will they be given red envelopes?Or is it just a matter of peers?Our side of the words, between the same generation of people is really not send red envelopes, do not know what rules there friends.Animated cartoons have September to visit da ji mai or home plot, but there are a number of small fox, the home of a small fox even taxiing don’t use, I think sister may be in September will give them red envelopes full of cash, there are too many in the cartoon might go back to the family dinners, September was the young players are called the aunt of the plot,Although this did not say that September did not give a red envelope, but may be a large probability is not escape.In addition I do not know friends there have already worked the younger generation to the elders of the custom ah?In the animation, Daji wrapped a red envelope for September sister. I think September is also possible to return the gift.In addition, September sister once picked up a small kylin doudou, although I don’t know the age of doudou is bigger than September or smaller than September, but at the beginning they can walk around as a “mother and child”, and Doudou bless September got so many benefits, send a red envelope I think it should.

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