Asian cup!China women’s football team eliminated Japan 6-5!The Chinese women’s football team advanced to the final!Wang Shanshan scored

Wu Chengshu scored twice, Riko Uechi scored twice and Wang Shanshan scored in the women’s Asian Women’s Football Semifinal between China and Japan on February 3, 2022. The two teams won the match on penalty kicks.In the end, The Chinese women’s football team defeated The Japanese team 6-5 and advanced to the Final of the Asian Cup.In the 26th minute, Miyazawa Nichito set up an assist and Riko Ueki scored to give Japan a 1-0 lead.In the 32nd minute, Shimizu Pear pass, Ueki Riko hit the goal, the ball off target.The 46th minute, Xiao Yuyi assist, Wu Chengshu attack.In the 53rd minute, Makenai Ibuchi hit the goal.The game 64 minutes, the Japanese team substitution, Endo pure substitute, he replaced rock 渕 true nai.In the 103rd minute, the Japanese players opened a set piece, Uechi Riko headed the goal.VAR then intervened and the referee allowed the Japanese team to score.The 111 th minute, Takahashi flower substitute appearance, Takahashi flower replaced ueki riko.In the 114th minute, the ball was headed out by Takahashi flower and the Chinese player threw a throw-in.In the 118th minute, a foul by a Japanese player gave the Chinese women’s national soccer team a free kick on the left side of the field.The 119th minute, Zhang Xin pass, Wang Shanshan scored a goal.In the penalty shoot-out, Zhu Yu saved the penalty kick.At the end of the match, The Japanese women’s football team was eliminated by the Chinese women’s football team 5-6.

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