Champions League: Leith vs Manchester City, Sporting Lisbon are strong at home and Manchester City are attacking and defending well.

Sheffield United held Huddersfield to a 0-0 draw in the last round of the league, winning four games in a row and in good form.And the team’s recent defense were so, over the past five games as many as four times zero opponent’s record, just lost 1 ball, during the return to their home, scoring advantage obviously, can the team in seven straight games in half-court opponent to the almost, line performance is good, advanced 15 games this season’s league eventually lost only twice, with the wind power, as wellBut the team has conceded a goal in each of its last six home meetings, and the defense has been shaky.Hull City are ranked 19th in the league, with 9 wins, 5 draws and 17 losses. They are poor performers. They are also good at sorting out winners and losses away from home, with 4 wins, 2 draws and 9 losses, especially their defensive efficiency is not very high.And the team has been on a bad streak, losing three straight, including two scoreless games, and losing three of its last four on the road.Opinion: Main victory: Score:1 2 0 0 2 to 1 003 uefa champions league on Tuesday Paris saint germain Paris st germain VS real Madrid game is undoubtedly a big test for Paris st germain, at the current information, their advantages, such as home court advantage, this is the place where they’re unbeaten this season, in addition to the league,They even beat Manchester City at the PARC des Princes and are also likely to be without Karim Benzema.However, on the other hand, the greater Paris side have shown limited content in their previous games. Their 50-50 performances have left them underrated and they may be punished for their defensive inconsistency, depending on pochettino’s improvisability.Real Madrid has a stronger sense of control on the field, especially the whole team’s way of total defense, which can always maintain the situation of playing more and less in the local ball holding range, so it is difficult to resist real Madrid’s sense of pressure no matter the opponent is strong or weak.In addition, Real Madrid also better control of the pace of the field, a change of pace in a short period of time is easy to open the deadlock.You can look at the previous matches of Real Madrid. In most cases, When facing the big teams, Real Madrid handed over the possession of the ball to the opponent in the opening stage. Once the opponent pressed the ball beyond the half court, they immediately closed down the opponent.003 Result opinion: Win/Draw: Score:1 0 1 2 to 1 to 1 004 uefa champions league on Tuesday sporting Lisbon vs Manchester city sporting Lisbon, the champions league knockout continued, the Portuguese giants sporting Lisbon and premiership giants Manchester city team to continue, although during sporting Lisbon in the champions league group stage just by luck, 3-3 grades to be honest is not very well,But as the Portuguese champions last season, their overall strength is still to be reckoned with, and play so far this season, sporting Lisbon play can be said to be fairly stable, 22 games down only lost 2 times, the overall winning probability to 8, the table is only less than 6 points, Porto to retain the hope still is very big,In addition, sporting Lisbon has also achieved a wave of consecutive wins in recent times, is in good shape, this time sitting at home, naturally hope to get the advantage of home advantage.Strength of Manchester city, Manchester city in the near future is still in the invincibility of existence, the team in the premier league last away against Norwich, smoothness is still overwhelmingly the initiative and the front end is very efficient, striker Stirling’s goal drought was broken, his personal scored three yuan, Mr Deng also scored a goal, finally a 4-0 victory road,After this service, Manchester City has maintained a good game of unbeaten in 12 rounds of recent competitions, and most of them ended in victory, and the state continues to be hot. At present, Manchester City is also at the top of the Premier League with 63 points, 9 points ahead of Liverpool, the second behind, and the points situation is very favorable.The attacking end of Manchester City is in full swing and is one of the teams scoring the most goals in the league. Sterling scored a hat-trick in the last game after failing to score for many times. At the same time, Manchester City’s solid defensive line is the guarantee that the team can achieve excellent results, as well as the strongest defensive line in the league.Guest war aspect city season so far also only 1 loss, guest win rate is close to 8 percent, have extremely strong away battle ability.004 match result view: let negative: score: 0 to 3 1 to 4 start there is still a period of time, beware of the news when facing changes, more stable, I will provide the relevant ideas with series, I hope you can grasp the opportunity, like the team blunt!Manchester United face Brighton in the Premier League on Tuesday 005. They have been in a tight four-way tie, but they drew with Aston Villa, Burnley and Southampton and would have missed out on a Champions League spot had it not been for the likes of Tottenham and West Ham.United remain in charge, given that they have to win and that Cristiano Ronaldo, who has not scored in six games, may have a chance to bounce back.Brighton has nearly period of time performance is very stable, the wheel 2-0 win the watford, draw with Chelsea, leicester city, also has such strength strong, can say whether opponents strength, is to keep playing flat state, and content with the mindset of a points are very obvious, so far, Brighton has been received as many as 12 games flat,There is a good chance that Brighton will also aim for one point.005 Result view: Main score: 1 to 0 2 to 1 2 to 0

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