How to apply TCM to fight COVID-19?Health Education and Publicity Center of Provincial Health Commission launched “Ten questions and ten answers”

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · New Hunan Client On March 26 (all media reporter Li Qi correspondent Huang Shangpeng Mihui) In recent days, the epidemic of COVID-19 across the country, the prevention and control situation is grim.The thorough intervention of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine has played an important role in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. It can effectively reduce the incidence, relapse rate and fatality rate of COVID-19, promote nucleic acid conversion, improve the cure rate, speed up recovery and relieve complications.In order to further publicize and popularize the unique advantages of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in COVID-19 prevention and control, and enhance the public’s awareness of COVID-19 prevention and control and response capabilities,The Health Education and Publicity Center of Hunan Provincial Health Commission promptly organized hu Xuejun, Xiao Changjiang, Liu Fang, Li Zhi, Deng Xiujuan and other experts from the Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine to compile the “Ten Questions and Ten Answers for THE Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19”.It is hoped that more people can benefit from the popularization of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, the adjustment of diet and daily life, the relief of tension, traditional sports at home and health care treatment.1. What is the key to TCM treatment of COVID-19?A: First, early intervention: early prevention and treatment, providing TCM services to asymptomatic infected persons or medical observation personnel in need, especially the elderly and infirm with chronic underlying diseases.Second, treatment based on syndrome differentiation is one of the characteristics of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, according to different conditions, different regions and climate, different physical conditions, the use of different prescriptions added or reduced treatment.For severe and critically ill patients, even one person one party, syndrome change prescription change, according to the changes in the condition of timely adjustment of prescriptions, greatly increased the curative effect.2. Why is TCM effective in treating COVID-19?A: First, WITH thousands of years of history, TCM has accumulated valuable experience in fighting COVID-19.Second: TCM has a complete set of syndrome differentiation and treatment system and a variety of treatment methods in the treatment process, which can treat all aspects of COVID-19.Thirdly, TCM emphasizes the holistic view, combining treatment based on syndrome differentiation with treatment based on disease differentiation. At the same time, TCM attaches importance to comprehensive analysis and precise treatment according to the physical characteristics of patients, as well as the climate and environment at the time of onset.3. What is the focus of TCM prevention of COVID-19?Answer: 1. TCM prevention emphasizes the improvement of healthy qi, no matter how the pathogen changes, mainly through syndrome differentiation to prescription, with flexible, simple, effective advantages, improve healthy qi, the healthy qi here refers to wei Qi, is responsible for the human body’s defense, defense of healthy qi, that is, to improve the body’s immunity.Through various means and methods of internal and external treatment, tonifying the lung and spleen, strengthening the health of qi, can effectively prevent the occurrence and development of diseases.4. What kind of people is the NOVEL coronavirus 2 TCM preventive formula by Liu Zuyi?How do I take it?A: Liu Zuyi, a master of Traditional Chinese medicine, made up of astragalus membranaceus and flos lonicerae.Its formula is gentle, suitable for a wide range of people, including the elderly and children can take.In different stages of the disease, according to the principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment of treatment.Specific method of taking: water decocting, decocting time 15-20 minutes is appropriate, two doses.5. What kind of exercise is suitable for home during the epidemic?A: During the epidemic, people tend to stay at home and avoid going out.Attention must be paid to strengthening exercise.Because exercise can promote blood circulation, increase oxygen intake, thus improving human energy and physical strength.Similarly, the circulation and function of immune cells can also be improved during human exercise.At home sports suggestions can be taijiquan, tai Chi sword, eight section jin, aerobics, yoga, home fitness equipment can choose.If there are children, parents and children can also do more parent-child exercise, that is, to enhance feelings, and achieve the effect of physical fitness, both can improve immunity.6. What traditional Chinese medicine treatments can be carried out at home?Answer: Moxibustion, acupoint application, Chinese medicine foot bath, wearing Chinese medicine epidemic prevention sachets, etc.Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine doctors, they can also take traditional Chinese medicine decoction for epidemic prevention, which can be combined to promote the positive qi of the body and drive away evil spirits, so as to achieve the purpose of “keeping the positive qi in the body and preventing evil spirits”.7. How to keep a good mood during isolation treatment in designated hospitals?Answer: During the isolation treatment, subjectively, you can “take isolation as a rest”. It is very hard to work, study and live at ordinary times, so you can take advantage of this time to have a good rest, just like the 4S shop to do car maintenance, to do a good body maintenance.Objective need some auxiliary methods: 1) mindfulness therapy: close your eyes meditation, the mind to keep the Dan tian, 30 minutes a day, can relieve anxiety, depression.2) Use mobile phones to learn and read traditional cultural classics such as Huangdi Neijing, Daodejing, Daxue, Analects of Confucius, etc., to improve personal cultural literacy and transfer worries and fears about prognosis and future of disease.8. Is there any simple exercise to relieve anxiety and tension during isolation treatment?Answer: do indoor sports such as standing pile, clap gallbladder (bird fly), clap danzhong, clap baihui, hand power, manual movement, kinetic energy sheng Yang, relieve anxiety and tension!9. Diet, daily life and prevention in the spring of 2022 in Nonyin?A: From the perspective of the five transport and six qi, the year of Yin tiger 2022 is the year of gan mu qi, and the atmosphere is popular. In addition, spring is the season of Gan Mu, and the overall climate is hot, easy to melt the weathered fire, and the liver Yang is hyperactive.When the season is easy to appear on liver qi inverse, irritable, qi inverse cough, pharynx dry pharynx pain and other symptoms;Because of liver wood qi wang ke spleen soil, spleen soil by evil, spleen and stomach weak people, this spring is more prone to vomiting diarrhea, gastrointestinal flatulence and other indigestion symptoms.Therefore, we should pay special attention to dietary care.It is recommended to light diet, avoid liquor, avoid spicy fire;Be cautious and warm, eat less dog meat to prevent pathogenic heat endogenous.Avoid raw and cold fruits, frozen drinks, in order to prevent cold Yang stomach.For medicinal application, it is advisable to use cool and smooth honeysuckle, forsythia suspensa, chrysanthemum, mulberry leaf and reed root, and caution to use bitter cold coptis and Scutellaria baicalensis.”Four seasons spleen wang is not affected by evil”, spleen and stomach cold deficiency easy to catch a cold, astragalus can be added, such as fengfeng fuzheng solid table.After the spring equinox, grain rain comes, rain is more, hunan climate is humid, easy to wet, can add some products such as patchouli, calamus, coix, su stem to awake the spleen, remove dampness and turbidity.In addition, spring is the season of the recovery of all things, it is suggested to go to bed early and get up early, appropriate activities, more Yang qi, adjust to the mood, relax.Do so, can epidemic prevention, peacetime prevention sense.”Neijing” cloud “tranquil nihilism, true gas from it;Spirit inside guard, ill never?”10. Is the formula to avoid sachets the same every year?What is the function of the sachets to avoid filthiness?Answer: sachet is not uniform, but also need to differentiate syndrome formula, sachet formula will be adjusted according to the different seasons of the year, cold and hot, heat and humidity.Sachet has two functions, one, aromatic turbid.The fragrance of medicine in the sachet solves the turbid air and reduces the infectivity of viruses and germs.Second, xingpi xingqi, fragrant gas can xingpi Xingqi, complement qi, Xuanchang qi machine, can enhance its resistance to disease.[Editor: Chen Shuyi][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]

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