On the field is the coach off the field is the mother, Shui Qingxia let the Chinese women’s football team united as a family, Jia Xiuquan blush

The Asian Cup is far from the end of the road for the Chinese women’s national football team, who are currently on a 21-day quarantine in Suzhou but began their recovery training just one day after arriving at the hotel.In fact, before the Asian Cup, no one thought that The Chinese women’s football team could win the championship, because after the failure of the Tokyo Olympics, everyone did not expect too much of the Chinese women’s football team.In The Tokyo Olympic Games, The Chinese women’s football team failed to win any of the three group matches and were forced to draw against the Zambian women’s football team ranked outside the world 100. It can be said that the outside world was extremely disappointed with The Chinese women’s football team at that time.After the Tokyo Olympic Games, The head coach Jia Xiuquan was replaced by Shui Qingxia, who was strongly supported by the vice president of THE Chinese Football Association sun Wen. However, it has been less than three months since Shui Qingxia took over as the head coach of The Chinese women’s football Team and the Asian Women’s Cup, so the outside world is not confident.But it turned out that we underestimated the tremendous power of Shui Qingxia, who turned the Chinese women’s football team that was defeated in the Tokyo Olympics into a force of steel. It was she who called back the women’s football players who couldn’t be admitted by Jia Xiuquan. It was she who put the Chinese women’s football team in turmoil back on track.In the group stage of the Asian Cup, facing a weak team, in the knockout stage, facing a strong opponent, and in the final, trying to turn the tide!Who does not love such women’s soccer, who refuses to accept such Shuiqingxia!After the victory, several members of the women’s football team publicly expressed their gratitude to Shui qingxia.First of all, Zhang Linyan, the youngest member of The Chinese women’s football team in the Asian Women’s Cup, said, “It’s lucky to be selected to the national team this time, because the water coach knows about women’s football. If you don’t know the coach of the women’s football team well, you may not even know me.”This sentence fully explained jia Xiuquan period of Chinese women’s football, Zhang Linyan is completely no chance to enter the women’s football list.In the Asian Cup final, it was Zhang linyan’s outstanding performance that helped China overcome South Korea to win the title.Tang Jiali, who also played a crucial role in the final, later said on social media: “I want to thank Shui Mama and my teammates for their trust and letting me come back to the national team and be a teammate with you again.”Tang is the former Golden Ball winner of Chinese women’s soccer and now stands firm in The English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Her personal ability is beyond doubt. She was such an excellent player that she was not selected for the Tokyo Olympic Games last year.Finally, Lou Jiahui, a Chinese women’s soccer player who was not selected for the Tokyo Olympics, said in an interview with CCTV, “I am very grateful to the water coach for letting me come back to the national team when I was down and out, and I won the championship in this competition. Thank you!”And after finishing this paragraph, Lou Jiahui was so excited that she burst into tears.Lou jiahui collapsed in the Asian Cup semifinal against Japan.The above three Chinese women’s football team members, with the most direct language to express gratitude to Shui Qingxia, DO not know Jia Xiuquan will see blush?ShuiQingXia care, to use his or her own for players for the game’s confidence and love for football, let today’s China women’s unite tightly together, this is ShuiQingXia for Chinese women’s football’s biggest change, it is also the biggest Chinese women’s Asian cup champion, we thank sun ShuiQingXia came to the Chinese women’s football.

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