Hello, Sharpshooter episode 16: Shen Qingyuan and Tang Xin official relationship

Du Lingfeng know their identity is just a spare tire, there are a lot of shortcomings, but he hopes that stone can give him the opportunity, he has been in a little bit of change.Shi Xiaoci also regret the last time shouldn’t say tough words, in fact, her heart is not without Du Lingfeng, Du Lingfeng took the initiative to kiss the stone, and The stone xiaoci also responded to Du Lingfeng.At this time jiang one day shouted stone xiaoci voice, stone and Du Lingfeng busy separate catch the past, two people’s feelings also enhanced a step.Jiang one day let everyone participate in the truth big adventure, Du Lingfeng bear the first lost, was asked to go to the road in the face of stone xiaoci Shouting he is a pig, Although Du Lingfeng good face, but also can not love the woman lost face, quickly performed the rules of the game.Shen Qingyuan turn the bottle, just want to ask the truth, did not expect tang heart has been asked to drink is not to ask questions.Shen Qingyuan looked at tang heart drink distressed, grabbed the past tang heart bottle.Tang heart could not help but cry, blame Shen Qingyuan always bully her, she used to bully her now is the same.Before watching fireworks is like this, and now always forced her, Shen Qingyuan each further, she had to take a step back.Everyone looked at drink much tang heart also simply scattered, Shen Qingyuan don’t trust tang heart from behind.Tang Xin looked at the four-leaf clover by the river, four-leaf clover is lucky, so the bear will be lucky.Tang heart by wine, also told Shen Qingyuan in fact she is like Shen Qingyuan, but worry about Shen Qingyuan confession just for confidence.After going back, Tang heart fell asleep, Shen Qingyuan silently take care of Tang Heart, Tang heart murmured, really hope Shen Qingyuan is a bear, so the doll is not afraid of anything, also do not have to be afraid of pheromones.Shen Qingyuan had to talk to Jiang one day night emotional problems.The next day, Shen Qingyuan went to a jewelry store to choose a four-leaf clover necklace for Tang Xin.Coach found that Shen Qingyuan did not come to the team, under the inquiry to know Shen Qingyuan and girlfriend date, when asked why the small anchor did not come, and was told to date with her boyfriend.The coach could hardly help laughing. The answer said it all.Tang heart came to the candy fire, met a man wearing bear clothes, Tang heart guess is Shen Qingyuan, but Shen Qingyuan lied that he is not Shen Qingyuan, he is a bear.Bear released the music, invited the doll to dance, Tang heart readily accepted.After the two dance, Shen Qingyuan confesses to Tang Xin, shen Qingyuan loves Tang Xin, not because of pheromones.Shen Qingyuan will be four leaf clover necklace to Tang Heart, also solemnly told Tang Heart, she stood beside the bear, wearing four leaf clover, so she have nothing to be afraid of.Shen Qingyuan tang heart into his arms.Tang heart is very nervous, but did not push Shen Qingyuan, this move has made Shen Qingyuan very happy, this is the first step to success.Ding Fang and Zhou Zuguang went back together. Zhou Zuguang found Ding Fang sitting in the back and took the initiative to persuade Tang Xin to sit in the front.Because this time back is to play a loving couple, if so easy to make people doubt, Ding Fang said no one paid attention to details, but still sat in the co-pilot, Zhou Zuguang also smiled.Tang heart wanted to do a meal for Shen Qingyuan, but the meal is made of paste, Shen Qingyuan spoil watching Tang Heart, take the initiative to untie the apron for Tang Heart to do.Shen Qingyuan hopes to send a circle of friends to explain the relationship between the two people, Tang Heart also offered to send a circle of friends.Tang heart to Shen Qingyuan class, teach Shen Qingyuan what is interpersonal communication, what is the captain’s responsibility.Tang xinstretched out a hand and hope to work hard together with Shen Qingyuan, Shen Qingyuan held the hand of Tang Xinkissed, Tang Xinleng there on the spot.When Shen Qingyuan went to the team again, he greeted everyone and smiled, which made everyone feel strange.Shen Qingyuan also drew up a training plan to improve results, which is the captain’s responsibility explained by Tang Xin.Tang heart take the initiative to send small gifts to stone, thank her for her trust and help.Stone Xiaoci also understand why The Tang heart will be Shen Qingyuan like, because the Tang heart is simple, it is easy to be seen through.Shi Xiaoci is also very happy to be friends with Tang Heart.

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