“Ten years a product temperature such as words” open 2.8 points, netizens count the 3 original sin, scriptwriting is hurt

Lover file “ten years a product such as warm words” public praise collapse, 3 point analysis everywhere is hard, one star evaluation is too much – introduction.The valentine’s Day movie “Ten Years of Love” has been widely criticized by audiences as a bad movie.Although the box office lead, in fact, many audiences are after hearing, want to go to the theater to see how bad it can be.At present, “ten years one product wen Ru Yan” in a scoring platform opened only 2.8 points, even less than the pass line.What’s so bad about this movie?Some people said, “Even a star is too much!”One, the plot from the original, the shooting technique is very poor “ten years a product wen Ru Yan” is based on the novel of the same name, when the novel serialized, because of the delicate description and plot by readers love.In addition, Yan Xi, the author’s hero, has been selected by netizens as the third most attractive hero in the novel.In the novel, the hero and heroine admired each other when they were young, but later separated and met again due to changes.The story has its ups and downs, and is written in a delicate way that makes readers feel as if they are there.However, many of the novel’s emotions and details were not shown in the film.Although the situation of changing the script is very common, but the cast of “Ten years one Product Warm like words” is to change the original work just like an empty general, other many original fans expressed very incomprehensible.The characters and characters of the hero and heroine are exactly the same as in the original novel.Apart from having the same name, it’s like they’re not the same person at all.Not only the characters have changed, but also the plot.Many of the delicate emotional outpouring of the original, the plot to promote in the film have changed the routine.It turns into a bloody drama, an old, awkward baggage.This and the original gap, so that many audiences have a huge gap.And the way the film was shot was also problematic, with many camera moves and scenes not at all natural.A lot of people who watched it said that if they didn’t know it was a movie, they would have thought they were watching someone’s wedding VLOG the whole time.Although the film is directed by Ding Yuxi and Ren Min, who are both very hard working actors, they still have to admit that this film will be a “stain” on their careers.After the remake, the host and hostess set is relatively weak, no matter the character or emotion can not support the whole role.Many of the original story of the abridgment and changes, resulting in two people’s feelings to be very puzzling.As if before a second or a stranger, after a second love is alive and well.And the dialogue and lines of the two people, perhaps the scriptwriting thought very sentimental, but in fact when watching the film, many lines sound, will feel that the brain is not normal to say.Obviously, these two actors are not bad, but they could not support such a role under such plot and lines.Awkward lines and awkward plot are bound to result in awkward acting.It feels like a film made specifically for Valentine’s Day, rather than a complete, happy story for the audience.It’s not so much a movie for lovers as a tool for the director to make a lot of money out of this gimmick.This is not a complete and mature film, as can be seen from the shooting technique and the story.Many of the original touching plot, in order to meet the taste of the current market and change, will appear now this “magic change” phenomenon.”Ten years one product wen Ru Yan” is a quick shot out of the tool to make money, no connotation, no content, no hotspot, only “lovers” gimmick.When this kind of behavior becomes mainstream in the movie market, there will be more and more bad movies.I still hope that every director should be responsible for his work and for the audience.Such a film shot out, public praise is not good, who will buy your account?

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