The son suddenly changed his mind and went to the old man’s house for the Spring Festival. The parents gave the house to their daughter. The son said, “Don’t expect to provide for the aged

Every year, when the Spring Festival comes, both those who are struggling in a foreign land and those who are left behind will put down what they are doing and return to their hometown for a reunion.And at this time of parents, more eager to children in the field, can come back early to accompany in their own sides.After all, on ordinary days, children are busy with work, and parents are embarrassed to talk.And on holidays, parents can be aboveboard to ask their children to go home early.Sensible filial children, will return to their parents early, so that parents enjoy the next children and grandchildren around the knee of the family happiness.In fact, all the year round, parents most look forward to is the Chinese New Year, their children can be around.The son didn’t go back to his parents’ home for five years. Every time he mentioned Chinese New Year, Aunt Song was always full of sadness.Since the son married his daughter-in-law in the city, the son never came back to his parents’ home for the Spring Festival.Son married the first year, daughter-in-law said her parents two people New Year is too cold, want to accompany parents New Year, son agreed, and soft and hard aunt Song agreed.Aunt Song thought that her daughter was really far away from her parents when she got married and was not used to spending the Spring Festival at her husband’s house, so she agreed.But the son married in the second and third years, the same, every time the daughter-in-law wanted to spend the Spring Festival with her parents, back to her husband’s home is not used to.For this speech, Aunt Song is very resistant.Because, the daughter-in-law is the only daughter, her son is also the only son, according to the daughter-in-law’s view, his son, is not a son-in-law, can no longer go back to his parents home for the Spring Festival?Although Aunt Song’s daughter got married, she had to spend the New Year in her husband’s house, so she could not go back to her parents’ house for the New Year.And Song aunt love daughter, afraid of her daughter conflicted with mother-in-law, also basically did not mention with her daughter to the requirements of the New Year in her mother’s home.In the fourth and fifth year of the son’s marriage, the daughter-in-law’s reason is more sufficient, because the child is still small, not convenient on the road.However, shortly after the birth of their child, Aunt Song and his wife, in order to facilitate the travel of their son and daughter-in-law, gave them 100 thousand yuan to buy a car.For five consecutive years, the daughter-in-law has used various excuses not to go back to her husband’s home for the New Year, and the hen-fipped son has basically agreed, which makes Aunt Song’s heart plug.Originally filial and sensible son, in front of his daughter-in-law, also dare not mention any requirements, for fear of daughter-in-law quarrel.Song aunt distressed son, also not reluctantly difficult son.But they have been looking forward to five years, originally this year, it was not easy to persuade his son, son also persuaded his daughter-in-law, promised to come back for the New Year.As a result, the son went back on his word and went to his husband’s home for the New Year.After her son agreed to come back, Song and her wife prepared a houseful of New Year goods in advance and waited for their son to return with his daughter-in-law and grandson for a lively reunion.Who knows, the son of soft ears, daughter-in-law a crying, he again compromise, also advised parents to have their own son sun Fu, let parents arrange their own Spring Festival.Son’s back, let song aunt and his wife, angry and cold for several days, until the daughter years ago to visit her parents have never eased over.The daughter looked at the cold home, the parents two people keep, the in the mind is also not the taste, he offered to take the parents to the New Year together.Aunt Song and his wife are very enchanted, but concerned about the feelings of their son-in-law, they still dare not rashly agree to come down.Who knows, the day after her daughter left, she drove to pick them up with her son-in-law.This aunt Song could not help but nod to her son-in-law’s home for the New Year.03, parents pitied the name of the property to their daughter in the son-in-law’s home for a few days, Aunt Song and his wife, also felt the long grandchildren around the knee.Although the child is with the son-in-law’s surname, but at least is his daughter’s own blood.On the third day of junior high school, Song auntie and her husband discussed the matter overnight and decided to give their property to their daughter.The son is thousands of miles away, and he only cares about his parents-in-law, wife and children, completely ignoring his biological parents.Although this move, is to have the composition of anger, but Song Aunt thought it was the best decision.After all, they may not be able to count on sons, much less daughters-in-law, for their retirement.Rather than this, it is better to divest the property and strive for the support of the daughter and son-in-law.Who knows, Aunt Song promised her daughter real estate, and her son called.When the son called, he did not ask his parents how they had spent the Spring Festival, but directly asked why they gave the property to his sister, which should have been left to him.Aunt Song and her wife took turns to explain to their son that their son had already spent all his parents’ savings by buying a house for betrothal gifts.The house in my parents’ name, at most, was $400,000.They are now given to daughters only in the hope that their daughters and sons-in-law will take care of them in their old age.The son would not listen, but just accused his parents of being selfish and eccentric, and said harshly: Since the house was given to my sister, you can’t expect me to support you in retirement.With that said, the son hung up the phone ruthlessly, and refused to communicate and discuss again.Watching her son go his own way, Aunt Song was sad.But she did not want to compromise, since the marriage, the son had become the son of his husband’s family, everything took care of his father-in-law and daughter-in-law, for their biological parents, long ago behind.So, others say, married daughter-in-law forget niang, sometimes really is the ancients sincere not deceiving me.Centrifugal son, parents sad, gradually become a normal.When the son has a family of his own, the parents become nothing.The reality is harsh, but it’s also true.Do you support What Song is doing?

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