Wechat has been updated again, 8.0.19 version online, add 6 major practical functions, netizens: really sweet

Compared with the last version, this wechat update to 8.0.19 version, the function has been basically consistent with apple wechat 8.0.17 version, the following take you to see the new 6 practical functions after this update.1. Voice support Pause the playback of the previous version of wechat, when listening to the voice, you can only listen to the whole voice, if the environment or human influence in the process of listening to the voice, you have to listen again.After the update of this new version, wechat has supported the voice can be suspended in the process of playing, which is very convenient.2, Video call background blurry People usually don’t like people walking around our camera when they are on a video call with friends. They may be seen as private if they are not careful.After the update, wechat added the background blur option in the video call interface. Besides flipping the lens, the video phone also added the background blur function, which makes the video background blur when clicked, to protect the user’s privacy security.3, narrow spans paraphrase WeChat watching live all know, in the process of watching live, want to reply friends information, is the need to withdraw from the studio to reply, the updated can shrink the studio into a suspended in a separate window WeChat page, so that we can reply information while you’re watching live.4, data extraction this update, I also found a text extraction artifact in the micro channel small program.Open the small program, it can extract the text inside the picture, table data, upload or take pictures can be extracted.5. Full screen display of wechat status If you set the status of your wechat friends, click the status of your friends will pop up a full screen status window, previously only half screen display, after this update, the status of your friends has supported full screen viewing.6, payment is renamed service payment is renamed service this point may not be noticed by everyone, after all, this is just a change of name, and not so noticeable, but the function inside has not changed.Wechat has been updated again, 8.0.19 version online, add 6 major practical functions, netizens: really sweet.

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