Zhuzhou Changan CS85 COUPE 4.17% discount, welcome to visit

This week Changan CS85 COUPE latest quotation: Zhuzhou Runjin Changan Automobile shop from now to February 05 limited time promotion, limited time special discount of 5,000 yuan, such a preferential drop, we can not miss, shop address:Zhuzhou City, Hetang District red Flag Road 513 Lantian driving school next to promotional time in 2022 02 05 to 2022 02 05 Changan CS85 COUPE latest quotation model manufacturers guidance price/subsidy price preferential range Zhuzhou quotation 2.0TAutomatic Distinguished model 155,900 RMB 150,900 RMB 1.5T DCT Elite model 119,900 RMB 0.500 RMB 114,900 RMB 1.5T DCT Deluxe model 129,900 RMB 0.500 RMB 124,900 RMB 1.5TDCT Distinguished model 137,900 yuan 0.500 yuan 132,900 yuan 2.0T automatic luxury model 147,900 yuan 0.500 yuan 142,900 yuan 2.0T automatic flagship model 164,900 yuan 0.500 yuan 159,900 yuan

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