Is coming!Qingdao’s “first touch of spring” to appreciate here!

, LOOK!QINGDAO ·?The second solar term of spring “rain water” is coming!All winter chills is slowly falling into soft dew of the spring flowers are also the fouth © 8010 | blue sky and cold at the season of warm spring breeze stop the footsteps of shops open in zhuhai road shantou road junction primrose has bloomed in the yellow flowers © |Green sea, blue sky, 8010 Delicate flowers open in the wind, some beautiful in the cold weather,Only expenses furore send people to the breath of spring © 8010 | blue sky and the sea mooring river park also came the news of the spring hong mei the ear scent to early spring park vibrant © |Blue sky 8010 compared to the city of spring jiaozhou the awaken of spring to come more early before people accustomed to the water village park for yellowing of the plum blossom in full bloom, it gradually has a name – “garden” is known to all © | Jackie chan has been under the notice of the plum blossom spring officially coming soon,You will be immersed in Qingdao flowers and flowers will also hug you © | Jackie chan rain throttle to the bloomy spring be far behind? Let us together look forward to a bright spring day!Disclaimer: The copyright of the pictures in this article belongs to the original author. If the shared content infringes your copyright or the labeled source is not the first original, please contact xiaobian in time, and we will deal with it as soon as possible.?Read more articles?More click on the end of the article “watching” ❤️ to Qingdao Cultural and Tourism Bureau official micro add star standard ❣️ welcome to contribute, xiaobiang help you on the wall email: Qingdao Cultural and Tourism Bureau we media matrix come to pay attention to it!Beg to share beg to see

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