Kim Kardashian raised eyebrows with her ‘swaddling’ dress, which left her arms unable to move

Kim Kardashian’s latest outfit has been ripped to shreds by fans, the Mirror reports.The dress was designed with a double top and a snug torso, making it impossible for Kim kardashian to move her arms.Kim Kardashian, 41, stepped out in a tight strapless black dress in New York.Kim Kardashian raised her eyebrows in triumph as she showed off her latest outfit.Her fans scoffed at the outfit, which was nothing short of swaddling clothes.Netizens scoffed that the Maxi dress looked like a swaddling band – wrapped around a baby to keep its limbs from moving.It was by far the worst dress she had ever worn.One user also posted a photo of Kim modeling swaddling with a baby and nicknamed the garment ‘Skwaddle’ because Kim seemed unable to move her arms.Because it was so tight, fans joked that it looked like she was wearing an adult baby swaddle.While Kim Kardashian’s new look is hard to fathom, her good mood is clear to everyone.She has been dating Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, 28, for five months and the couple are currently blissfully happy.Kim Kardashian discussed her relationship with Pitt in bold and candid remarks during an episode last week.Kim Kardashian said that as a woman in her 40s, she now has no qualms about pursuing happiness, and that she and Pitt are “incredibly fulfilled.”Allen asked the billionaire about Pitt’s new tattoo, which was spotted by keen fans when he showed off Kim Kardashian’s name on his chest in a selfie to Kanye west.Kim Kardashian says it’s a real tattoo, not painted on.Pitt has also been known to ink the names of his ex-girlfriends, including Ariana Grande and Kazi David, on his body.Kim Kardashian is in love again, and she’s always excited.She hosted a dinner in Miami last weekend for shapewear SKIMS.Among the guests was Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Lyon.Kim Kardashian and her were quite excited at the party and couldn’t stop posing.Kim Kardashian’s love life is likely to last a little longer this time around. After all, she’s 40 years old.

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