The Traffic police in Lichuan went into the community to carry out the traffic safety publicity activities in the later stage of the Spring Festival Travel Rush

In order to further promote the Spring Festival transport traffic safety publicity activities, enhance the awareness of traffic safety laws and regulations of the masses, effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of road traffic safety accidents, effectively improve the safety protection awareness of community residents.On February 16, the Traffic police brigade of Lichuan County Public Security Bureau organized the police to walk into the nanmen community to carry out the traffic safety theme publicity activities in the late Spring Festival travel rush.Activities, the police focus on drunken driving, fatigue driving, speeding the overcrowding, driving without a license and other illegal behavior caused by traffic accident cases, by issuing the traffic safety propaganda, propaganda materials, in the face of geared to the needs of community residents to explain in detail during the Spring Festival travel, remind residents do not drink driving, overcrowding, overload, fatigue driving,And explain drivers and passengers to use safety belt, wear safety helmet and electric vehicle traffic safety knowledge in easy to understand language.Admonish the masses to have no license without license, related to the license related to the license, overspeed, fatigue driving, drunk driving and other traffic violations of the serious consequences.It is advocated that residents should constantly enhance their awareness of self-prevention, refuse traffic violations, abandon bad traffic habits, cherish life, travel safely, and strive to be civilized, comity, compliance and law-abiding traffic participants.This activity, a total of more than 200 copies of traffic safety publicity materials.To further enhance the legal awareness of traffic safety and civilized travel awareness of the area residents, establish the concept of safety first, create a safe, orderly and smooth Road traffic environment during the Spring Festival.Jiangxi Lichuan County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade: Xu Xiao Pan Jianqing

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