Annual income tens of millions of positive younger sister network red disease!Admit it: You can’t cure your “3 bad daily habits” all your life

Teng Yujia, a mainland Internet celebrity with a sweet face and a stunning figure who has attracted more than 7 million followers on Weibo and earns tens of millions of yuan a year, recently confessed without warning that she is sick and that the disease “cannot be completely cured in life” and will inevitably develop into kidney failure over time.Teng yujia said frankly at the beginning of her post on Weibo on March 23, “That’s right!I’m sick!”In the film, she said that she found abnormal urinary protein and occultation index during her health examination in 2021. At first, she refused to talk to the doctor, and after the second physical examination, she decided to accept the doctor’s advice to have a kidney puncture. However, because the procedure was too painful, she had to lie in bed crying.After the results of inspection, TengYu was diagnosed with chronic nephritis, check online to “the illness cannot be cured, finally even develop into uremia, kidney failure, admitted that the present feel lost the power to live, but afterwards, the doctor says do not need to worry too much, as long as regular medication will improve, and she was in the family’s encouragement, to repair the body slowly.Teng Yujia mentioned that chronic nephritis is a common disease among young people at present. She admitted that she had three bad habits that led to her illness.Two is not like to drink water;Three is to love to hold in urine, once because too busy, the whole day did not go to the toilet, and she has hashimoto’s thyroid, urticaria and other diseases, is also speculated that the immune system is a problem, will be associated with the impact.

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