Cambridge University: Wearing a mask with a sexy artifact increases its protective power by seven times?

When it comes to the protective power of masks, which one do you think works best?N95?In the early days of the outbreak, the world was short of masks and many countries were out of stock. Therefore, we saw the scene of large-scale farcking, where people of all countries exerted their ingenuity, diligence and courage, and became self-sufficient and self-reliant.Underwear, bucket, garbage bag, vegetable leaf……Only you think, there is no others can not do!Experts at Cambridge University say: Let’s not argue.Over the past two days, we’ve had four volunteers try seven methods of strengthening masks.And then found a mask protection force 7 times the invincible universe artifact!The elasticity is excellent, and the adhesive force is strong.Women’s pantyhose!That’s right, just put sw on your mask, it’ll protect you, mom won’t have to worry about me going out and hitting the virus.Does that mean we’ll be wearing jumpsuits and having fun conversations with friends and family about our lives?Ah, the picture is so beautiful. So what about eating and drinking water?Poke a hole?Well, the experts already have the answer for you.Experts say that ordinary masks do not filter the Novel Coronavirus, but if you can’t afford an advanced medical mask, it doesn’t matter — your best friend is Sw!If you want to go trendy, change colors, sew on a few beads, whatever.By the way, gangsters everywhere know which sw is the lightest and most breathable?Did the gang already know that the SW was a virus filter?One theory is that the stockings can blur the features, breaking the face down into mini color patches and interfering with visual resolution.At least it’s a hundred years of gangsters blood and tears all right, it’s time to test your skills!Take it easy. Take it easy on yourself.See this news, many European and American net friends lift a table not to agree: how outrageous!Take out the dignity of the old and the young man is not allowed to everyone should be glad, just SW, not anything else.

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