Record the winter vacation shift

Today, I got up at dawn. Last night, I didn’t know it was because the short and happy winter holiday had passed, or I had to go to school and couldn’t sleep.Well, I was up at 6:20.Winter sun father-in-law than we will sleep in, the children are up, but it also let the night on duty.What’s more, it sometimes skips work.As usual, or as usual toilet, but, just left the happy little holiday, the mood has not recovered, still in disappointment.In fact, now we, it is really difficult to let a person understand the idea of the heart, the adults always said: “you now how beautiful life, to know how to cherish, study hard, for the country affected contribution!””Study hard”?That’s not easy to do.Our heart that wants to fly, always tells us, leads us to go forward, to explore more secrets.All right!Nothing else.Tell me my story today!After washing up, eat a delicious breakfast, I carry the bag, go to school, because today I take an exam, so the class is less a section, needless to say, of course, the bag will “change” light, carrying a light bag, the mood naturally will be very happy.Again, walk to school, about 15 minutes!Really, for me, it’s a long way off.However, the Italian city, which school is not far away, so “after a lot of hardships” I already feel that this “bitter”, is nothing, is simply a piece of cake, ha ha.Come to class, huh?Just more than ten days of small holiday in the past, how students are different.The twin sisters, the elder looked the same, apparently unchanged, while the sister, who was exactly like her, became “different” from her. The younger sister had her hair curled and looked even prettier, almost like a little lady.Most of the male students have their hair cut, looking more comfortable, more energetic, there is really a good saying: K New Year, new atmosphere, really so.Originally is very ordinary class, but today let me feel brand-new, really “wash my eyes”, ha ha!The excitement of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays seems to have not yet recovered, and it is obvious that they miss the short holiday.The most special is that the teacher, who always arrives early, was late this morning!However, I and my friend – mengmeng, but feel that the other party has no change (in fact, really a little change), do not know whether to separate for a long time, our words today especially much?Shame on you, hey hey.Things you don’t like, things that bore you, things that students are afraid of, oops!Is just at the beginning of the exam, today, I went to face the damn exam.However, this questionnaire is still relatively simple!I hope my grades can be better.Try to work on my language.Believe in yourself, it’s not hard) very quickly, they say time flies, and it does!A short 5 classes, “crash” on the past!Not easy!After school, I hummed a ditty easily and walked happily.(What’s so good about it?)But, or bad luck, I suddenly woke up, bad, today when I went out, the key seems to forget, touch the pocket – no, touch the bag, no, and then touch the clothes, again, again, really no!Miserably!Do I have to stay outside for an hour in case…Well, isn’t that going to take a while?All thanks.My heart is broken, my beautiful day.However, when I walked forward, I saw my father’s car, ha ha, dad rest today, really very lucky.Excited, I ran forward and rang the doorbell…You may also like: My Winter Vacation Plan Summary my Winter Vacation Life Is coming to the end

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