Two major anxieties of adults, both related to numbers, do you have such anxiety?

It seems like growing up,Because “digital” and lead to anxiety is constantly with us when we were small of test score will be compared with “other people” children compared to New Year New Year’s money also will be a child now than when I was a child may be is not only a fraction of the parents work, monthly income, assets, house number of pupils talked about on the bus with herParents’ monthly income monthly income is “ten thousand” as a unit of such a high income you don’t and uncle crowded bus uncle tired after work,Want a quiet environment to have a rest a little because of going to move the brick grow up under their wage income compare the per capita income sensation by now for his elders don’t speak three tires that income can’t feed itself is a problem so merchants use this digital anxiety can undertake courses in marketing “learn to short video,”A monthly income of ten thousand is not a dream.” “To be an excellent engineer, to win at the starting line of life.” “You have to work hard quietly, and then surprise everyone.”Are you going to miss the next one? “More and more courses are being sold online. Because of the policy of not being able to sell classes to teenagers, grade anxiety (as adult parents, of course)” tries to get a head start,Tsinghua Beijing university is not just a dream “such advertising disappeared in adults then use enough on” than “anxiety of income to sell adult classes can certainly learn a skill is definitely good but so many of you sure that you don’t learn too much blow away some businesses don’t even selling skills directly encourage adult curve passing through special ways” everyone can makeWith ** loan, high line, fast to the account, low interest rate “borrowed money if you do not have to return,Also consider adult anxiety in addition to anxiety and marriageable anxiety revenue if it is itself of anxiety in the marriageable anxiety is the external factors exert to marry the age of getting married one single to have what problem though said countries released three one-child policy but not I don’t want to get married but no cars, houses, bride price should not be born small number these add up toBaby born female these costs is not small number have willingness to husband and wife should not having no ability to keep a few adult world does not “easy” 2 words of life has been so hard some things don’t tear down, of course, we also want to thank the anxiety caused by the Numbers the anxiety forced us to work on growing anxiety and desire contrast a let’s go to realize your dream lifeUnder Japan’s low desire society “we are very happy at least by their own efforts to achieve class across such examples can be found everywhere in life it’s a New Year is inferior to set new goals for yourself one day you will no longer on our own efforts to digital and anxiety whether income anxiety or age anxiety (marriageable age)

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