Limited edition Ice Dwen dwen?Someone has been cheated……

Have you seen this message in your circle of friends in the past two days? “Bing Dwen Dwen” free lottery is known as “one for each person” and “free to send”.Someone has been taken in!, fujian fuzhou 00:26 consumers, says ms Chen, the brush WeChat circle of friends, see multiple WeChat public, launch “a limited edition of the Olympic ice mound mound completely free of charge in fujian” activities, activities rule is that the participants must focus on the WeChat public, and the message “limited” in the background, leave your name and contact information to participate in activities.Ms. Chen readily forward, and participate in the activity.But later, she found that the activity page has been deleted, only to find that cheated.To this Fuzhou city market supervision bureau issued prompt at present “ice dun dun” a “dun” difficult to get some illegal businesses to take the opportunity to cheat you be careful when such fraud is often two kinds of routine “shoddy”, with no collection value of souvenirs posing as, defraud high acquisition;”Empty hands for white Wolf”, under the guise of “Winter Olympics souvenirs”, after receiving the transfer of buyers blocked.The scheme also beware of fake Olympic official website fraud criminals through constructing a false games website, on the website for the so-called “lucky draw” “games are limited edition commemorative stamps flash” commemorative “games are snapping up” and other activities, enticing for online registration, the parties lead to personal information leakage, even the money in the bank card is transferred.In the name of the enterprise launched false winning information “congratulations, in the company held to welcome the Winter Olympics in the return of the first prize in the lottery, you will get 18,800 yuan bonus, and the value of 10,000 yuan a laptop.”If you receive such a “winning” message, take it with a grain of salt.They will ask you to wire money until you “bleed out” under the pretext that you need a security deposit or to cover mailing costs.For all kinds of lottery activities related to the Winter Olympics, it is best to log on the official website of the Winter Olympics or check with the authorities.Encounter the need to pay in advance “advance payment” “deposit” “poundage” and other circumstances, the possibility of fraud is great, must not be credulous.Do not easily click unidentified links and web pages, do not easily disclose their identity information, deposit information, bank card information on the Internet.Once you find yourself cheated, you should call 96110 (anti-telecom network fraud special number) immediately.Source: China Consumer News, Hezhou general Law editor: GUI Fa Xuan

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