Tall trees catch much wind

Feel that there is nothing good to say recently, the rhythm of the market is falling non-stop.If you just look at the distribution of the whole market up or down, it seems ok, up or down 50/50.But if you look at the red-green composite index, most of them are down.Mainly…Core companies in some markets are falling.In today’s rising plate, CRO actually ranked the first.This is the worst track to fall this year, no one else, I think it’s going up, it’s probably just a rebound, it’s hard to be popular.Today’s falling sector, worth talking about.Less recent declines in the strong sector, today in the forefront: securities, aviation, power, insurance.I saw a well-known hygiene expert over the weekend saying that no one should expect China to relax its zero policy.Because the market recently has some money bullish on post-epidemic repair, I looked at that time, thinking that it may affect the stock price of this type of company.It was clear today.Take a look at the big thing in the market today.1, Oriental wealth volume drop again today by the whole market focused on the company’s share price fell, estimated the hot spot of the whole market first.That is eastern wealth.Dongcai today’s trading volume is a bit surprising, a stock on the transaction of 15.6 billion, down 13.36%.Because it is a particularly large market value of the company, and the fund is heavily invested in stocks, such a fall, is bound to be caused by the fund crazy selling.I look at its disk, is obviously overblown, triggered a lot of money to sell.The market performance is like this, the performance of the brokerage will not be good, today’s brokerage plunged, I am afraid is already explained a lot of problems.2, finance and real estate to fall together there is a very worrying thing for the market today, that is, financial stocks and real estate stocks fell together.When I look at the Hong Kong stock market, the share prices of many well-known real estate companies are miserable. Sunac, for example, dropped nearly 12% today.Over the weekend, Yu Liang, an executive of Vanke, gave a speech saying that real estate has entered the “black iron era.”In my opinion, it always means “decline”.But I think it is not Yu liang’s speech that caused the decline, but the real estate itself has a lot of problems, at least the real estate sales index I track, this year fell sharply.The house won’t sell…And land sales are also down, this year can be imagined that the financial pressure is greater.According to the official website of the National Medical Products Administration (NDA), on February 11, according to relevant provisions of the Drug Administration Law, the NDA conducted emergency review and approval in accordance with the special drug approval procedures.Import registration of Pfizer’s Novel Coronavirus treatment nematvir/ritonavir tablet combination package (Paxlovid) is conditionally approved.It’s a bit strange that this wonder drug was approved against such a backdrop of poor US-China relations.I see there is a saying that it was specially approved for the Winter Olympics, but with only a few days left, that seems a bit far-fetched.It is uncertain whether the approval will mean a change in quarantine strategy in the future, as China has become the only country in the world still adhering to the zero-out strategy in this matter. If the magic bullet can be made by itself to reduce the harm caused by COVID-19 to the level of flu, it may be rational to let go.

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