Year of the Tiger first “thunder”!Ultrasort Communications was suddenly taken over by ST, which has 14 control companies

Year of the Tiger first day A shares off to A good start, more than 3400 stocks rose across the board!Can the stock market as deep as the sea, a few joy there are a few worries.Be in broad Stockholders happy big pu runs while, have a stock sudden major item suspends trade, expect in millions of people to have major good news to want when, welcome however tiger year first “thunder”!Because of the violation of the guarantee, ultra – message communication was suddenly ST.As the former communications white horse stock, in the 5G communication hot time is also unlimited scenery, market value of more than 10 billion!However, dance pavilion song Tai, wind wind is always blown away by rain.How glorious yesterday was, how lonely today is.Chaoxun Communication’s share price fell from 74 yuan to 11 yuan now, a decline of nearly 85%;The annual deficit is up to 250 million yuan……A sudden black swan!Late February 7, super – the communication (603322. SH) disclosure, according to the company in violation of the guarantees failure to complete liquidation or rectification within A month, the company shares will be suspended on February 8, 1 day, February 9, the implementation of other risk warning, class A shares referred to as the “super – communication” changed to “ST super fast”, the stock price daily price limit of 5%.Super fast communication, according to the company on the subsidiary (aerophore sharp electronics technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “SangRui electronic”) and its wholly owned subsidiary of liaoning people’s livelihood intelligent instrument co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “smart” of the people’s livelihood) legal representative/chairman/managing director Meng Fanding without authorization of the company any cases,Privately, in the name of Sanrui Electronics and Minsheng Intelligent, provided illegal guarantees of about 421 million yuan for Tiaobingshan Hongding Taisong Real Estate Development Co., LTD., which it controlled, and For Tiaobingshan Shuntong Coal Industry Co., LTD., which was controlled by its related parties, accounting for about 100.09% of the audited net assets of the company in 2020.According to relevant regulations, if the company fails to pay off or rectify the aforementioned illegal guarantees within 1 month, the company’s stock transaction will be subject to other risk warnings.Often go in the stock market, which can not trample thunder!Never thought, the year of the tiger so quickly stepped on the first thunder, in the face of the sudden ST hat, super message communication in the stock also fried pot.The number of shareholder households was 14,955 at the end of the third quarter of last year, according to financial reports.Up to now, Chaoxun Communication’s share price is 11.34 yuan/share, with a total market value of 1.816 billion yuan.The stock price has dropped 84.85% from its peak of 74.76 yuan, and the market value has shrunk by tens of billions of yuan.It may have deserved its fate when it was hyping up 5G, but where are the 15,000 investors going to go?Iicom said that the board of Directors’ opinions and main measures on trying to revoke the risk warning;The board of directors of the company is urging meng Fanding, the person in charge, to remove the bank freeze and guarantee status as soon as possible, so as to safeguard the rights and interests of all shareholders.At the same time, the company requires Meng Fanding to raise funds as soon as possible to fulfill the obligation of repurchasing the company’s 50.01% equity of Sanrui Electronics. Up to now, the plan is still in progress.In addition, the company has recently on sanrui electronics and minsheng intelligent important positions for personnel adjustment.According to qichacha APP, Diaobingshan Hongding Taisong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2019 with a registered capital of 20 million YUAN. It belongs to the real estate industry and its business scope includes real estate development and operation.Meng Fanding and Meng Fanmao hold 60% and 40% of the shares respectively, while Meng Fanding serves as the manager, executive director and legal representative of the company.In fact, the explosion of super communication thunder has already foreboded, has disclosed the illegal guarantee situation before, and in the last trading day before the year also issued a loss announcement.The company said it expects a loss of 210 million to 250 million yuan after preliminary estimates by its financial department.Excluding non-recurring items, the company’s results are expected to show a loss of 240 million to 280 million yuan.Chaoxun communication in the first three quarters of 2021 there are 1.96 million profit, how the annual performance of the sudden loss of more than 2 million?Chaoxun communication said that the pre-loss of performance is mainly due to the loss caused by the sharp decline in revenue of Sanrui Electronics during the reporting period. The company preliminarily judged that the impairment of goodwill and intangible assets of Sanrui Electronics occurred, and it is estimated that the provision for the impairment of goodwill and intangible assets in the reporting period is about 120 million yuan;During the reporting period, the performance of the holding subsidiary Guangdong Kanglida Wulian Technology Co., Ltd. declined, and Chaosun Communication is expected to deduct 20 million to 30 million yuan of goodwill impairment reserve during the reporting period.To sum up is, stall spread too big, not only indigestion also hurt the intestines and stomach, adding insult to injury is again “flying calamity” haemorrhage……Three public information shows that, established in 1998, Chaosun Communication is a professional communication technology service provider, an industry-wide Internet of things solution provider, a industry-wide new energy service provider and a manufacturer of ecological intelligent hardware in China.The company maintains competitive advantages in communication network construction, maintenance, optimization services, communication software and hardware development, and deep layout in the Internet of Things, new energy, edge computing, cloud computing, AI and other fields, is committed to providing customers with professional communication technology services and refined, high-quality integrated solutions for the Internet of things.The company was listed in the A-share market in 2016. Riding the fast train of the capital market, the company’s asset scale continues to grow, and it has carried out four mergers and acquisitions. The industry continues to expand, but the company’s business performance is still poor.According to the qichacha APP, chaoxun Previously had 14 control companies.Since 2019, THE 5G sector has been hot in the capital market. As a 5G concept stock, the share price of Super Communication has repeatedly risen by the limit.But at the same time, the company’s important shareholders and Dong Jian Gao have reduced their holdings, superimposed the company’s performance difficulties.In March 2019, guangzhou Chengxin Chuang, a shareholder of the company, issued a reduction plan to reduce its holdings by no more than 3.2308 million shares, and since then it has reduced its holdings by 2.0377 million shares.In June 2019, director Zhong Haihui reduced his holdings by 960,000 shares, executive Chen Guichen by 12,480 shares, supervisor Deng Guoping by 8,780 shares, and director Wan Jun by 1,205,800 shares successively.In December 2019, xiong Mingqin, Liang Jianzhong and Liang Gang, shareholders of the company, and Wan Jun and Zhong Haihui, directors and senior managers of the company, again announced plans to reduce their holdings.Among them, Xiong Mingqin, Liang Jianzhong and Liang Gang plan to reduce their holdings by no more than 3.12 million shares, while Wan Jun and Zhong Haihui plan to reduce their holdings by no more than 1.62448 million shares.On February 24, 2020, Chaoxun Communications announced that xiong Mingqin, the shareholder of the company, reduced the holding of 1,559,992 shares of the company through centralized bidding, accounting for 1.00% of the total share capital;It reduced 1.15 million shares of the company through block transaction, accounting for 0.73% of the total share capital of the company.After the company was listed, The performance of Super Communication was flat, and the net profit was basically in the same place. And the business situation in recent years was even worse: in 2019, Super communication fell into the first loss since the listing.In 2020, the company made great efforts to turn losses into profits, but cost reduction, disposal of assets and government subsidies are the main forces of the turnaround.21 years of losses of nearly 300 million, listed the 6 years of super communication is not break-even is at the edge of the loss.No wonder it will be so, the major shareholders do not act, in order to cash to make money exhausted means, the stock even after the new low repeatedly reduce holdings.Chaoxun Communication has been listed for nearly 6 years, and its share price has dropped from 11.99 yuan of the issue price to 74.76 yuan at the highest and then to 11.34 yuan now. It has gone round and round, but it has covered a lot of money!In order to keep the stock price from falling too ugly, Super communication transferred shares twice last year in order to encourage the stock price to rise and facilitate further reduction. If the rules allow, they would like to clear their positions and reduce their holdings. Now the major shareholders and actual controllers can reduce their holdings and cash are reduced, and the stock is also ST.In the end, there are risks in the stock market, so be careful when entering the market.See good harvest, round and round again!Reference: Stock Fryer! The year of the Tiger, the first “thunder”, the company was suddenly ST!, the Chinese fund to the super – communication in the first year of the tiger is ST company, a total of 14 control enterprise “, the manager magazine “waited three years didn’t respond, controls mother-in-law were mentioned, super fast communication under reduced”, rich financial kay “super fast communication compression cost turnround disposal of the asset Poor performance of m&a net income 10 years marking time, the Yangtze river business newspaper “the year of the tiger’s first ST company,Chaoxun communication wears hat due to illegal guarantee, annual report is expected to lose more than 200 million “, economic observer network

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