Zhang Yuhuan expressed his love to his new wife after marriage: Her cooking is delicious, I like her very much

Zhang Yuhuan expressed his love to his new wife after marriage: Her cooking is delicious, I like her very much.On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022, In Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, Zhang Yuhuan, 55, and Wang, whom he had known for a year, registered for a license and started a new life.On February 15, 2022, Zhang yuhuan expressed his love for his new wife through social media, saying that Wang cooks at home and her food is delicious. I like her very much.Zhang Yuhuan: I am the aunt Wang cooking at home, because the food she makes is very delicious, she is cheerful, optimistic, personality is very good, she likes clean, neat, dress very decent, very quality people, so I like her very much.Zhang yuhuan’s ex-wife Song Xiaonu sent her blessing: “There is no contact in the past two years, we have no contact, each well”, “along the way he is also hard, I also hard, each well.”Zhang Yuhuan told about the acquaintance of two people love each other process!Yu-huan zhang: we two is the fate, is god arrangement, is her best friend introduced, because a few days before the exercise I always look at her to exercise, I think the woman dress pretty decent, brute-force net, quite has the quality of the woman, I would be a little envy her, at that time I didn’t know she is a person, her best friend ask me, you will find?I said: I will find one.Her bestie pointed to say, you don’t want to look for her, she is also a person, the son are big, married, behind slowly close to once.In October 1993, two boys died in Zhangjia Village, Jinxian County, Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province. Zhang Yuhuan, a villager, was identified as a suspect and detained. In January 1995, Zhang Yuhuan was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve.On August 4, 2020, The High People’s Court of Jiangxi Province changed the verdict of zhang Yuhuan’s innocence, and zhang Yuhuan was freed after 27 years in custody.The state compensation was 4.96 million yuan.Wang introduced herself and Zhang Yuhuan love is not easy.Ms wong:The two of us together is not easy, I go with him together, and talked for so long, my tears flow many, because so many people all say you to marry him, the effort, there is a case in it, a lot of rumors, said this said that, says my heart is really, I said forget it, forget it, we can’t walk to arrive together, we can only make a friend,He to find me that he is also a lot of tears, that time is thin a lot, he said I’ll never find, I will not find I couldn’t find you, I told you took so much effort didn’t find her, also gave up, still couldn’t get to go, I will not look for other, finally together with her, he said, I will be good for you, I really do,I also don’t figure him what, I figure old have a companion, take care of each other, he (Zhang Yuhuan) said, we live a simple life like this, after we two over the better, good, grow old together go on, no matter what ups and downs go on like this.Finally, I wish them happiness forever!What do you think about this?

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