A common mistake of girls dating

#1 Yesterday live, the last girl on the line to ask, I used to get along well with the blind date suddenly cold and hot to me.Ask him if he’s unhappy and doesn’t want to continue. No.The girl said she couldn’t figure it out anyway.Wanted to ask him for an answer.I said he may be dating with you, after development, on the one hand think you are good, but also quite like you.But on the other hand, I think I can do better.So he has not stopped dating.#2 He’s suddenly playing hot and cold with you. It may be that he’s moved on to new targets in the process, but he hasn’t been able to land them.So I don’t want to give you a definitive break.If we do, we dump you. If we don’t, we come back to you.I said you don’t have to pay any attention to him, just go back to your kiss.The girl said I still want him to talk to me and give him a chance to explain.Or she didn’t make it clear that she couldn’t go out with anyone.#3 This is the difference between girls and boys.A lot of boys will chat at the same time several, development at the same time, finally pick the youngest beautiful, the most money, good family circumstances, good character, the condition of the best girl.But a lot of girls, especially well-educated girls, are very good, very good girls.They believe that people must speak good faith, so even your condition actually I am not so satisfied.She thinks, now that I promise you, we can look everywhere.Then I will no longer look at other boys, and focus on your development.Until we’re sure we’re not together, then we go on a blind date, and then we move on.#4 There are many girls who think so.They think blind date this matter, should be carried out according to the rules of the game.Because they do, it’s easy to assume that the other person will do the same.Such a girl may not like this man much at the beginning, but because she has such a principle, she gives up other possibilities and puts all the time costs on a man.In this case, the other side half-hearted, unclear, vaguely flirting with her for half a year, because she did not make clear, to make clear, has been waiting for the clear to continue the new date, so it is impossible not to worry about gains and losses.In the end, you will feel more and more that you really love this man.#5 It must be admitted that most men do not equate getting married with being reincarnated.So in the blind date this matter, although everyone has a rational component, but the way of thinking of men and women is not the same as the initial mind.Boys are looking for a woman to bring into my life.Girl is to find a man, I entrust my life to him.Under this mentality, girls are easy to be in a psychological disadvantage, because they really can’t afford to lose, also can’t afford to play.#6 If you ask me what I should do, I can’t give you any better advice since everyone’s situation is different.Just remember the following principle.When a man loves a woman, she can feel it clearly.If you doubt it, ask someone else to analyze it for you. Stop guessing and treat it as if he doesn’t love you.There is also a cost of time to communicate. There is a cost of time to wait. There are many people in the world who are not worth your time and energy.#7 Even if you waste your life willfully, most of it is fruitless.If a man is hot and cold, there’s no need to spend a lot of time thinking about him even if you don’t have a more suitable partner right now.Spend that time studying, working, and making money.Believe me, every minute you give, you will be worthy of it.

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