Fu Zhongshu (692)

The idiom fu Zhongshu comes from the story of Mencius: Mencius said to Dai Busheng, ‘What is the goodness of your son’s king?I tell you.When doctor Chu was here, he asked fu Zhu of The state of Qi to speak to his son.Fu Zhu of Chu?”He said, ‘Let the people of Qi fu him.’Yue: “tot person fu of, numerous chu person shoos of, although day tart and beg its qi also, cannot get yi.”It means nothing good will come of something.Fu: Teach;Shoop: Noisy.One teaches, but many make a noise.One day dai Busheng, a minister of the state of Chu, asked Mencius how to make the king of Chu study hard so that he could do more good for the state and the people.Mencius said to Dai Busheng, ‘Dai Busheng!You want your king to love reading and learning, that’s good!Let me tell you this: if a high-ranking intellectual of the state of Chu was here and wanted his son to learn the qi dialect, would he ask a person from the state of Qi to teach him, or would he ask a person from the state of Chu to teach him?”Dai Busheng said, “He must have asked someone from the state of Qi to teach him.”Mencius said, ‘If a man of Qi should teach him, many of the men of Chu would disturb him with a great deal of trouble, and it would be impossible for him to learn the Qi dialect, even if he were whipped every day to force him to study.Let them go to The state of Qi to learn the State of Qi, where there is an environment to learn the state of Qi.Your sovereign should visit and study abroad. It will be more effective.Learn an idiom every day story, read history wise, long knowledge.Stay up late cost light, code word is not easy, please add a reader attention!Please put forward valuable suggestions!Find typos please leave a message in the comment section or send a private message to me!

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