Full fire!Shandong snow wax truck is working at full capacity at the Winter Olympics, waxing 300 pairs of skis every day

Sun Jie, He Hui, Zhang Jiawei, Xin Zhendong, Beijing some time ago, China’s first snow wax car, made in Shandong province, was put into use and became a big hit on wechat moments.How are snowwax cars being used in the Winter Olympics today?On February 7, China’s first snow wax car chang ze tao told the public net sea newspaper journalists, on January 12, snow wax car has entered the worship ceremony cross-country skiing center division, so far has been in a 24 hours continuous electric vehicle full state, 200-300 pair of skis waxing services every day, never without power, interrupt to use, and so on and so forth.Snow waxing cart is a special vehicle for waxing skis before the competition.During skiing, the skis rub against the surface of the snow and heat up, forming a film of water that can damage the skis and slow down.Therefore, under different temperature and snow quality conditions, it is necessary for waxing division to select the corresponding ski wax and adjust the way of wax application, to help athletes get the appropriate ski friction, so as to improve the performance.One described the waxed skis as “a car with a very light steering wheel”, making them easier to handle.It is worth noting that not every national ski team has snowmobiles for protection, only a few countries with developed snow sports have snowmobiles.Before our country skiers participate in the competition, most of them are renting foreign vehicles or using container board room operation wax.”It’s not as comfortable, it’s not as functional as a snow wax truck.The light, temperature and humidity controls are not as good as those of a snow truck.”There is also a special warm-up area for athletes to warm up and rest in the car during the competition, An zetao told Volkswagen.An clearly remembers seeing the prototype of the car being painted for the first time at Sinotruk in September last year.After the combination of the head and the body, the length of the car is more than 15 meters, and the height is more than 4 meters.In order to embody the concept of green Olympic Games, sinotruk has also equipped the car with two locomotives, one hybrid and the other the latest hydrogen energy locomotives, with the overall performance and function configuration reaching the leading level in China, he told Dazhong Poster news.As soon as the car rolled off the production line, An zetao, as the coach director, followed the national team to xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to provide training support.The first expedition was a long journey, which excited and worried An zetao at that time. He was worried that snow in the western climate would cause problems for the wax wagon.Both the chassis and the casing have proved to be battle-tested in harsh weather conditions and so far have been in good condition with no breakdowns.In practice, the crew also made small improvements to the waxer’s request, such as increasing the number of adjustable spotlights on the worktable from three to five to provide better lighting conditions.During the Winter Olympics, An zetao’s main job is to arrange various work plans for the snow truck and ensure its normal operation.He told Volkswagen poster news that six foreign waxers started to get on the car the night it arrived at the Olympic Venue, and the car has been operating at full capacity 24 hours a day without electricity.At present, the snowwax cart has reached its best working condition, providing a reliable guarantee for the national ski team.”At present, the goal of ‘independent research and development, complete domestic, world leading’ proposed during the research and development has been achieved.”After the Winter Olympics, snow trucks will participate in various exhibitions, including consumer and sports fairs, an said.On the basis of this successful manufacturing experience, the company plans to convert the vehicle into another type of sports function support vehicle through modular equipment replacement.For example, it can guarantee the cycling team in summer, and it can also serve the alpine skiing project by changing the wax table in winter.Let snow wax car can be in a working state all the year round, contribute to the country.It is worth mentioning that, due to its high appearance level, the Chinese snow car attracted onlookers from foreign athletes and volunteers as soon as it appeared in the Winter Olympics.An said that many foreign athletes would stop to take photos when they approached the car, and many volunteers asked if they could take photos inside the car.

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