The Olympic Cup is awarded to the Chinese people

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), presented the Olympic Cup to all the Chinese people at the 139th SESSION of the IOC on Thursday to thank the Chinese people for their outstanding contributions to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Bach said that without the support of the Chinese people, the Beijing Winter Olympics could not have achieved such remarkable success.Even within the closed loop, we can fully feel the strong support of the Chinese people.”We can clearly feel the warmth, energy, hospitality and support of Chinese people of all walks of life and ages,” Bach said. “From artists, scientists, engineers, to children in schools, to volunteers, all of whom have made a remarkable contribution to the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.””All this is very heartwarming and played a vital role in the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics,” Bach said. “I am therefore very honoured and happy to announce that the International Olympic Committee has awarded the Olympic Cup to all the Chinese people!”At the plenary session, samaranch Jr., president of boCOG and ioc Coordination commission for Beijing Winter Olympic Games, delivered final reports on the Beijing Winter Olympic Games as the games drew to a close.The plenary applauded the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and thanked them for presenting an outstanding Winter Olympic Games to athletes and all participants around the world.Source: People’s Daily Official account

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