This is a car with feelings, some simple instructions for the Suzuki Lundi

Flexible, fuel-efficient and durable Aotuo;The same flexible fuel economy durable, home convenient, pull point small goods also convenient big Dipper;Fuel-efficient, durable and of high quality, the Suzuki Antelope (as opposed to the Shari) was very popular in a long time ago.Although Suzuki is now out of China, there is no denying that there was a Chinese era for Suzuki minicars.It was an era of extraordinary pursuit of fuel economy, durability, economy, and value. It required cars that would last a lifetime and be cheap.Some of Suzuki’s small cars were very popular in China at that time.Beijing brand delisting Su Yenao Tuo China post Chengdu brand Ao Tuo, send pieces quickly, first-class service little red book brand Big Dipper Shanghai brand Suzuki small bread Suzuki longdi is a stage of the era design products, by suzuki company in 2007 to introduce China, Changhe Suzuki company responsible for production.In order to expand sales in China, Suzuki invested in the engine factory in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province, the famous K14B engine is produced in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, although it has been a long time, but this engine is excellent, really with the changes of life time to prove.1.4 liter displacement K14B engine is kyushu, Japan imported (for jiangxi jiujiang changhe suzuki engine plant was not yet opened), 99 – horsepower, all aluminum engine, high precision, good materials, fuel efficient, powerful, long output, cooling time is short, can quickly A, Q, at any time hundred kilometers oil four to five liters (autoart did to 4 below).Weighing 800 to 900 kilograms and speeding up fast, the car is the best in the vegetable market, surpassing the brilliance of SpaceX and Tesla today.This is the repair of langdi during the epidemic of 2007 Suzuki Langdi, selling price seems to be 80,000, 1.4 engine manual five-speed transmission version;1.4 Engine 4AT automatic transmission version;1.4 engine manual 5 speed 4WD version, the highest version of the sale price seems to be 120,000.At that time, faW-Volkswagen Jetta minimum with 80 thousand several starting.Domestic van cheap have 30 thousand start.$80,000. Why buy a van? Doesn’t a Jetta smell good?So, certainly sell bad langdi, so bit by bit disappear in the media and users in the field of vision.Also gone was Suzuki.This is a chongqing landy, repair has a characteristic very very cute can see very conspicuous suzuki landy of modified production is about 2013 in 2014, a large number of Jane the selling price is about 50000 s after the match, very little output, sales volume is very few, now it was the time when the wuling macro light sweep of the suv market, so landy is no then.However, it is interesting that although the production volume is not much, but the car home aika car landi forum is quite active.A small but active number of users constantly post their own different modifications to the Suzuki Lundi.Each landi is different, all have their own characteristics, some lovely, some full combat, each with its own strengths, different colors.The picture color is yellow, and some different times under the blue sky white cloud of tension at this time is very bright teenagers in the car on the wallpaper, read “this is a car with feelings”, may be a simple feelings, to make a mainstream sell like hot cakes, has been a small bread out of the era, full of running a have feelings of the car.Some time later, have time to sort out, those small car life, posted for everyone to have a look.The cold winter snow is still stepping in the mountains to cool the small universe

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