When you receive a call from an “unknown” person to verify with customer service, you will find that customer service is no longer “customer service”

Speaking of Alipay, we are certainly familiar with it, but we will also know that it is about spending by borrowing. However, in recent years, many young people have been tempted by the mode of “excessive consumption” to “wild consumption” for countless times, and the result of “wild consumption” is that their spending by borrowing is overdue.And how will these young people’s Alipay pay bai Borrow bai overdue?Said many young people, the late former various preferential all have no, the longer overdue will appear the situation of a “brazen”, it’s not, henan zhumadian miss song will encounter a lot of people call her “unknown”, and miss song questioned the status on the phone, they will tell miss song is “you have no right to know”,When Ms. Song asked them to provide the relevant proof or power of attorney that Alipay entrusted them, Ms. Song got the same sentence.After then, miss song hang up, immediately call the pay treasure customer service number, which reflect a problem to pay treasure customer service, but pay treasure customer service ask miss song to provide harassed the phone number, when miss song provide dial the phone number of the service, pay treasure customer service will also ask you to provide identity information and therefore miss song some concerns,Perhaps alipay customer service encountered similar things more, tell Miss Song, you provide identity information we will keep secret.And Miss Song immediately questioned alipay customer service 1, if you can keep secret, why our alipay on the personal privacy information of these “unidentified” personnel will know?Alipay customer service after hearing Miss Song’s questions, immediately told Miss Song on the phone, the problem we will be superior reaction, and then give Miss Song a period of time.After waiting for a long time, miss song received a telephone, pay treasure customer service on the phone the same word “again” then will tell miss song call him is to help miss song to solve the problem, however, when miss song from think to pay treasure customer service will provide her with this basic information collection personnel are affiliated company when it down, the whole process of calls,When Song first asked alipay customer service to provide the basic information of the company that the collector belongs to, alipay customer service always said that they would report to their superiors, and then asked Song to provide their personal information again.When miss song provide again, the same routine is to contact miss song will also have to pay treasure customer service, and miss song can only continue to wait for pay treasure customer service telephone, continue to wait for a period of time, miss song again received a phone call from pay treasure customer service, however, the same discussion just again and again, always not solve the problem.So the question comes, in the process of miss song to solve the problem, has been insisted that he pay treasure customer service outsourcing to a third party is a legal compliance of collectors, but this is just pay treasure customer service side, when miss song to provide its outsourcing of the third party to collect the basic information, pay treasure customer service is provided.How about, when “legal compliance” became a unilateral pay treasure customer service, said that don’t provide the relevant information to check whether the parties legal illegal, compliance is not compliance, don’t say “legal compliance” pay treasure customer service, are these “unknown” personnel “legal compliance”?From an objective perspective, as miss song of the parties shall have the right to demand pay treasure customer service, provide information about the “unknown” personnel, because as the miss song of the parties must know, these often violated her “unknown” personnel is the compliance of collectors, and this is miss song “right to know” the legal authority.However, the customer service of Alipay has always insisted that the third-party collection company appointed by alipay is legal and compliant, but it is just their own lip service. When the parties ask them to provide, they always refuse to provide for various reasons. Isn’t the customer service to solve the problem?To tell the truth, don’t know from when, the only way to solve the problem of artificial customer service I can’t find it, then alternative is to make customer service telephone customers for their services, customer service also provide query just became a tool, when we have a problem will be consulting call customer service, usually after an operation, have not found the artificial customer service,And their own problems have not been solved, customer service phone has become a “decoration.”

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