After he was caught, he described himself as an “anti-pyramid scheme fighter.”

I joined MFC is not for profit, there is no development line, just want to see the operation of the pyramid selling organization, found that the harm of the pyramid selling organization missed but after the arrest of the boast “anti-pyramid selling fighter” a seemingly ordinary network pyramid selling case hidden mystery, criminals in order to avoid one pot, with three ways to escape detection,After he was hunted down, he called himself an “anti-mlM fighter”…Recently, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region hezhou Pinggui District Procuratorate filed a public prosecution, the court to organize, leading pyramid selling activities were sentenced to imprisonment for four years, and fined 2 million yuan;Li mou sentenced to three years imprisonment, and a fine of 1.2 million yuan.Earlier, the arrested Mo has been sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of 1.2 million yuan.An overseas organization opened an MFC network platform, in the name of investment and financial management, to absorb members to buy virtual currency issued by the platform, and members can get rebates through the development of referral as bait, to lure participants to continue to develop others.Since 2012, MFC network platform has developed more than 10 million members in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government in China, and the fund flow in the platform has reached more than 100 billion yuan, suspected of pyramid selling activities.In November 2020, Pinggui Branch of Hezhou Municipal Public Security Bureau issued clues according to the Ministry of Public Security, to the area involved in the MFC pyramid selling activities of the members of the arrest, on November 24 the same year mo was arrested.After the investigation, the case was transferred to pinggui District Procuratorate for review and prosecution.In the process of reviewing the case, the prosecutor determined according to the appraisal opinion that Mo registered as a member of MFC on August 20, 2014, and the number of offline users was 5,767.But in the bank account of mo mou and related relatives that the public security organ takes back, it cannot find the evidence that its collects money of member of downline however.This makes the prosecutor can not help but doubt, Mo is involved in pyramid selling activities of the account by its actual control?Prosecutors in mo interrogation records found that he had confessed in addition to their own, Xiong mou, Li mou and his joint participation in pyramid selling activities.Three people in advance to discuss joining MFC, in order to avoid the same boiler, mo is responsible for the promotion of development through wechat and other ways down line, Xiong is responsible for providing bank account to collect transfer money, Li is responsible for supervision, three people with division of labor, and agreed to share the income.From this, the prosecutor identified Xiong and Li mou is mo mou pyramid selling case missed.To the case of two guilty prosecutors refused to plead guilty combined with the hierarchy structure map and other on record evidence, on December 24, 2020 to the public security organs should be issued a proposal to arrest the suspect, suggesting the pursuit of Xiong, Li.After receiving the proposal, the public security organs captured Li and Xiong, who fled to another province, on February 4 and June 17, 2021, respectively, by means of strict control and online pursuit.On September 18 of the same year, the public security organ transferred them to pinggui District Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.”I did not participate in the pyramid scheme and only followed Mok’s instructions throughout the process.”In the face of the prosecutor’s interrogation, Li mou has always denied that he and Mo, Xiong mou jointly participate in MFC pyramid selling activities, and said that he is only in accordance with the requirements of Mo mou do, do not know Xiong mou.And Xiong mou said himself is “anti-mlM fighter” : “I joined MFC is not for profit, there is no development of offline, just want to see the operation of MLM organization, found the harm of MLM organization, understand after the example, advise others not to join!”A paper withdrawal agreement becomes key evidence how to prove that Xiong mou, Li Mou and Mo mou belong to a joint crime?Through consultation with the public security organs, the prosecutor suggested starting with evidence such as mo’s confession and relevant account flow, focusing on grasping the operation mode, identifying the objective evidence of three people committing crimes together and combing the key contents such as transfer records and call records of three people.At the suggestion of prosecutors, the police stepped up their inquiries into the details of their cooperation.Mo confession, three people began to cooperate, had suspected each other uneven profit distribution, leading to unable to continue to cooperate, in early February 2017, Mo quit cooperation, by Xiong, Li paid its 800,000 yuan as a withdrawal compensation, three signed a written withdrawal agreement.But Xiong mou, Li mou denied signing this agreement.Prosecutors found the withdrawal agreement that Mok confessed to by questioning mok to find out where the agreement was kept and explaining the law to mok s family.After review, the agreement content and Mo mou’s confession is basically consistent, date of signing, three people signature handwriting are also consistent, and three people’s transfer records also prove that the agreement signed on the same day, Xiong mou, Li Mou respectively to Mo mou transfer 400,000 yuan.So far, Xiong mou, Li Mou two people’s lies were exposed.After find out three belong to the joint crime, prosecutors to undertake the actual control of the public security organs obtain three bank accounts to review all bank transaction details, through careful combing, decided that from August 20, 2014 solstice and eliminate the mutual transfer between the three people, Xiong Mou and practical control the bank account collection of more than 9900 ten thousand yuan,Li and the actual control of bank accounts received more than 5 million yuan, the two of them received more than 100 million yuan in total, and the amount of each transaction and the MFC platform for different levels of membership fee integral multiple is basically the same, combined with the testimonization of offline personnel, comparison of hierarchy structure, etc., confirmed that the transaction of the home are MFC pyramid selling activities.In the face of evidence, Xiong mou, Li Mou finally admitted criminal facts, Li Mou voluntarily quit part of the illegal income.On October 18, 2021, pinggui District Procuratorate to pursue the case of Xiong mou, Li Mou to organize, leading pyramid selling activities to the Pinggui District court of public prosecution.After the trial, the court fully adopted the public prosecution opinion, to make the above judgment.Source: Procuratorial Daily liang Jun Pan Yu

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