Environmental News of the Week 2.7-2.13

New week, let’s review what happened in the environmental protection industry last week.Green electric plate “comeback”, Winter Olympics into the best assist!Statistics show that by the end of the Winter Paralympic Games, the Winter Olympic Venues are expected to consume about 400 million KWH of green electricity, reduce standard coal burning by 128,000 tons, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 320,000 tons.The new power system constructed by this will also provide a global eye-catching springboard for the application of green electricity and further promote the development of China’s green electricity industry.A meeting on ecological and environmental protection in Baishan city has clarified the goals and tasks for 2022.Around the construction practice of the concept of “two mountains” experimental zone, implement the strategy of “one mountain lakes” brand, build one body two wings “development pattern, in order to reducing the carbon reduction synergies for the gripper, in order to improve ecological environmental quality as the core, insist on precise, scientific, pollution in accordance with the law of the pollution treatment, to pay special attention to the ecological environmental protection supervision feedback problem rectification.Based governance ability raise three years in wuxi city, the ecological environment action plan (2022-2024) issued by the proposed action plan for three years, the concept of green development, to improve ecological environmental quality as the core, we will reducing carbon reduction as the gripper, highlight the precise, scientific, pollution in accordance with the law of the pollution treatment and pay special attention to the source control, power management board,To brave when the province’s high-quality development leader plant green foundation.Notice on printing and distributing the Implementation Plan of Shanghai Municipality to Promote the Reuse of Sewage Resources Water-saving shall be promoted in a coordinated manner.We will adhere to the concept of saving water and reducing emissions, give priority to saving water, focus on demand and application, strengthen control of both total water consumption and water intensity, and optimize resource allocation.Strengthen coordination among departments, form synergy, and promote overall planning.Office of agriculture NongCunBu about print and distribute “guidance”, pushing the construction of ecological farm notification of ecological farm is based on the principle of ecology, follow the overall principle, coordination, circulation and regeneration, diversity, through the reasonable design and construction, to obtain maximum sustainable yield, at the same time to realize resource matching, environmental friendly, the food safety of agricultural production and operation entity.At present, the focus of work on agriculture, rural areas and farmers has historically shifted to comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, and promoting the construction of ecological farms is of great significance.Eight departments jointly issued by the “about promoting the industrial resources comprehensive utilization of the implementation of the plan in 2025, the iron and steel, nonferrous metal, chemical and other key industries, industrial solid waste decreased strength, bulk of industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization level significantly increased, the sustained and healthy development of renewable resources industry, industrial resources comprehensive utilization efficiency improved significantly.The comprehensive utilization rate of bulk industrial solid waste will reach 57%, including 73% of smelting slag and 73% of industrial by-product gypsum, and the comprehensive utilization level of red mud will be effectively improved.The utilization of major renewable resources exceeded 480 million tons, including 320 million tons of iron and steel waste, 20 million tons of non-ferrous metal waste and 60 million tons of waste paper.According to the report, the construction of ecological civilization in Heilongjiang province will make solid progress in 2021.In 2021, Our province will continue to make efforts to protect the blue sky, clear water and pure land, and rank in the national excellent sequence of pollution prevention and control for two consecutive years.Forty-three coal-fired boilers of less than 35 steam tons in urban built-up areas were eliminated. The number of good days in the province was 94.8%, and the number of heavy pollution days decreased by 58.3% year-on-year.Four rivers dropped out of inferior V category, and the proportion of inferior V category water improved by 2.9 percentage points year-on-year.huanbao

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