Millions short!Tencent Ma Huateng annual salary cut: total compensation of 44.14 million

Pony Ma, founder and CEO of Tencent, received 44.14 million yuan in annual compensation last year, down 25 percent from 2020, according to the company’s 2021 annual report released yesterday.Martin Lau, Tencent’s president, was paid 323 million yuan, down 24.5 percent year on year.Detailed data showed that Ma’s basic salary in 2021 was 7.33 million yuan, his bonus was about 35.52 million yuan, and his total salary reached 44.14 million yuan when “retirement plan contributions” were added to 1.15 million yuan.According to the 2020 annual report, Ma received 58.74 million yuan.Lau’s 2021 compensation package includes 291.8 million yuan in equity compensation and 23 million yuan in bonus.In 2020, their annual compensation reached 427.77 million yuan, including 386.3 million yuan in equity compensation, which dropped significantly last year.However, with the exception of Mr Ma and Mr Lau, many other board members saw their salaries rise.Ian Charles Stone’s salary rose to 6.796 million from 5.646 million;Li Dongsheng rose to 3.644 million yuan from 3.076 million yuan;Yang Shaoxin rose to 6.037 million from 4.845 million.Of course, a small portion of compensation was reduced, and total board compensation also fell, from 507 million yuan to 388 million yuan, reducing expenses by 119 million yuan.Tencent suffered numerous setbacks in 2021 as competition in the industry intensified.The state media called mobile games “spiritual opium”, which caused Tencent’s share price to plummet, and Tencent also carried out numerous internal optimizations and adjustments on “minor game protection”.In addition, Tencent has been subjected to anti-monopoly investigations for many times, douyu and Huya failed to merge, Tencent Music removed the exclusive copyright, wechat also had to remove the external chain shielding restrictions.This series of policies, let Tencent 2021 has been quite difficult.Earnings data showed that Tencent’s net profit in 2021 was 123.788 billion yuan, up 1% year on year, marking the lowest profit growth in nearly a decade.Next, Tencent to experience the tribulations may still have a lot, the game is Tencent’s stronghold, has been eating “King of Glory”, “Peace Elite” these old obviously is not.Tencent can be caught off guard by the emergence of new games on the market.In order for Tencent to maintain high profitability and growth, it needs to make more innovations and breakthroughs in game research and development, as well as seek development in other areas.Do not know the limelight is full of “meta-universe”, whether to Tencent to bring some help.

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