The strongest prefecture-level city, online waiting

Suzhou still hasn’t given up its airport dream.On January 18, jiangsu Province’s transport work conference proposed that in 2022, suzhou will “fully promote the planning and construction of civil transport airport issues.”This is not the first time the terms “Suzhou” and “airport” have appeared in the plan.But for the next five years, suzhou Airport is out of the question.Recently, the Civil Aviation Administration of China released the “14th Five-year” Civil Aviation Development Plan (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), which is expected to reach 270 civil transport airports in China by 2025.Among them, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, 34 airports will be built, 39 new airports will be started, and 67 airports will be advanced.According to times Weekly, suzhou has nothing to do with the construction of the new airport in the above plan, whether it is the renewal, the construction of the new airport or the construction of the new airport in the early stage.In the Yangtze River Delta, the Plan calls for strengthening the strategic position of Shanghai as an international aviation hub and improving the regional hub functions of Hangzhou and Hefei airports.Suzhou, known as the “strongest prefecture-level city”, is the only prefecture-level city in the top 10 cities of GDP. It is also a city with a population of more than 10 million and a GDP of more than 1 trillion yuan.Looking around the country, there are 15 “double ten thousand” cities, suzhou is the only city without an airport.From the perspective of airspace resources, Shanghai, Jiaxing, Wuxi and Nantong have airports close to Suzhou. How much space is left for Suzhou?”Airport construction is a complex issue.”Lin Zhijie, a civil aviation industry insider, analyzed to Times Weekly, especially the site selection, but also to consider many factors such as economic drive, “Suzhou airport is not just a matter of Suzhou, to be put in the Yangtze River Delta integration level to overall consideration.”Airports have repeatedly been written into the plans for cities such as Suzhou that require a second airport or none at all.This is also the easiest topic for suzhou people to talk about.At Hanshan Wenzhong, a local forum in Suzhou, airport-related topics have become the hottest topic in urban planning.The topic “Suzhou Airport, Will it play this year” was posted on Jan 3 and received 36,000 page views within 20 days.Other topics during the same period were mostly viewed under 10,000.People in Suzhou all want to go to Shanghai by plane.The first is time consuming.From Suzhou to Hongqiao Airport, there is a direct high-speed train, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to get there, but you have to go to the high-speed railway station, and the airport bus, the official reference is 2 hours.It takes about three hours to get to Pudong Airport.”8 a.m. flight, midnight up.”Netizen @Jia Shushan said frankly, from Suzhou Wujiang to Shaanxi Yulin business trip, direct flight to Shanghai Pudong airport.Again, it costs money.It costs 600 yuan to take a taxi to Pudong Airport and 700 yuan to fly back to Shanghai to take a taxi to Wujiang, which adds up to 1,300 yuan. “The air ticket is only 400 yuan”.Netizen @ look at say also think, want to fly out of Suzhou, the cost is too high.He draws an analogy — a taxi from Suzhou to Shanghai hongqiao Airport costs 272 yuan.If you go to Pudong Airport, the fare is even higher, 454 yuan by taxi.Since Suzhou does not have its own airport, at present, all kinds of domestic and international conferences held in Suzhou need to be shuttled between Shanghai and Suzhou.”For a city with a population of 10 million and one of the top 10 economies in the country, it’s not very convenient to fly.”Lin Zhijie blunders, go to Shanghai hongqiao from Suzhou by plane still calculate close, but if go abroad, have to go to Pudong airport to take international flight, quite do STH over and over again.There is a strong demand for suzhou to build its own airport, and officials are working hard to win it.The history of Suzhou “Pursuing dream” Airport dates back to the 1990s.However, considering the large area of the airport to be built, the shortage of funds, and suzhou’s proximity to the already completed Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, the Suzhou government then leased the land for the airport to overseas enterprises and domestic enterprises.In 2003, there was an “airport construction competition” in the Yangtze River Delta region, where many cities proposed to build an airport, and Suzhou was one of them.Unfortunately, Suzhou’s application was rejected.The following year, Suzhou will build a new airport as a key government research project.Since 2015, “airport construction” has been frequently revealed in various plans of Suzhou, and the key words related to the airport have been frequently mentioned: Suzhou “Two sessions” proposed the construction of Suzhou airport;Local media have published articles discussing airport site selection, and Wujiang and Changshu have become popular airport site selection.In 2019 and 2020, the construction plan of Suzhou Airport appeared in suzhou government work report for two consecutive years.Suzhou’s “14th Five-year Plan” released in 2021 explicitly mentions the “planning and construction of Suzhou civil Airport”.Suzhou’s call has been answered by Jiangsu province.The 14th Five-year Comprehensive Transportation System Development Plan of Jiangsu Province, issued in December 2021, clearly states that Suzhou Airport is planned to be built.However, suzhou is not included in the list of airports to be built in the 14th Five-year Plan.In Hanshan wenzhong forum topic “Suzhou airport, this year there is play?”Below, Suzhou Transportation Bureau has responded: “In the next step, Suzhou will continue to strengthen communication with relevant national departments and surrounding provinces and cities, and strive to be included in the relevant national planning as soon as possible.”Many people wonder why it is so difficult to build an airport in “the most powerful city”.From the background, Suzhou is located in the Yangtze River Delta region, there is a problem of airspace resources.By 2020, the Yangtze River Delta had 24 civil airports open to navigation, the highest number in China’s economic circle.The passenger throughput of The Yangtze River Delta region was 161,162 million person-times, accounting for 18.8% of China’s airport tourist throughput.”The 14th Five-year Plan of Civil Aviation Development in Jiangsu Province” puts “airspace resources guarantee ability is still relatively tight” in the first place when analyzing the problems of civil aviation development in Jiangsu Province.Whether Suzhou needs an airport is also debatable.Geographically, Suzhou is bordered by Wuxi in the northwest, Shanghai in the southeast, and Jiaxing in the south.All three cities already have civil airports.Among them, Wuxi Shuofang Airport was renamed as Southern Jiangsu Shuofang International Airport in 2010. Suzhou participated in the airport management with 29.21% shares, and the airport was shared by Wuxi and Suzhou.”Taking the Yangtze River Delta into consideration, Suzhou has Shuofang Airport in the northwest and Hongqiao Airport in the southeast. It is only 50 kilometers from Suzhou to Shuofang Airport and about 100 kilometers from Hongqiao. It takes 1.5 hours to drive.”Lin Zhijie thinks, su Nan Shuo puts airport and hongqiao airport between distance 140 kilometers, the space that puts an airport again in the middle is not big.More realistic consideration is that Suzhou airspace resources are tight.On March 11, 2021, Changshu Transportation Bureau once replied to the site selection problem of Suzhou Airport: “Suzhou Airport is in the planning and research stage, including the site selection of Dian Shan Lake in Kunshan and Shajiabang in Changshu.”A month later, the Development and Reform Commission of Jiangsu Province responded: “Given the density of military and civil airports around Suzhou, the shortage of airspace resources, and the conflict between military and civil aviation flights, it is difficult to build suzhou Airport. It is still in the stage of research and demonstration, and it may be difficult to start construction during the 14th Five-year Plan period.””Airport construction should consider a number of factors, to consider the land, to consider the airspace resources, to avoid the existing airport, to consider the economic driving role, population distribution, meteorological conditions and so on.”Lin Zhijie believes that the south Of Jiangsu Shuofang airport before the military and civilian use, is a better opportunity to build suzhou airport.However, Wuxi first has an airport, and the three Airports of Shanghai have also initially landed in Zhenjiang. The existing airspace space is not large, and the ground transportation is increasingly developed, “I think it will be more and more difficult to build an airport in the future”.However, the reasons for supporting the construction of suzhou airport are also very sufficient.According to forecast of the civil aviation professional units, 2035 Shanghai metropolitan area (Shanghai, suzhou, wuxi, nantong and jiaxing, etc.) aviation potential annual total demand of about 325 million people, rely on Shanghai (hongqiao and pudong), jiaxing, wuxi, nantong and other existing and planned airport cannot completely satisfy, will still exist between 20 million and 50 million security gaps.Some insiders believe that in Jiangsu province, only Shuofang Airport in Southern Jiangsu is located in the most economically active southern Jiangsu region, and affected by airspace conditions, production capacity has not been fully released, a large number of civil aviation travel demand in Jiangsu province turned to Shanghai digestion.So, Suzhou airport is still waiting.Jiangsu is working on it.According to the plan, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Jiangsu will further promote the establishment of a mechanism for flexible use of airspace, and strive for more development resources.

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