100 stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan help winter Olympics!Jackie Chan early morning excited to post, with the national team photo full of pride

Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!Did everyone watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics?On the night of Feb 4, many celebrities, like ordinary people, put down their work and watched live on TV.Among them are many Hong Kong and Taiwan artists, such as Jackie Chan, Annie Yi, Simon Yam and so on.In the early morning of February 5, the opening ceremony had long been over, Jackie Chan excitedly posted that he saw the Entrance of the Chinese team, loudly singing “Ode to the Motherland”, the heart felt very proud and proud!Finally, he praised Zhang Yimou and the rest of the crew, and his joy spilled over the screen.Chan also posted a picture of him sitting in front of the TV with the Chinese Olympic athletes, his face proud, hands in a “like” gesture, especially a big smile.The glowing, glowing look of a man in his late 20s is proof that Jackie Chan is still in good health.He is also very young at heart, with his clothes emblazoned with the words “Every day makes a fortune” and his red hoodie style showing no age at all.Recently, Chan has been keeping an eye on the progress of the Winter Olympics.On February 3, as a torchbearer for the Winter Olympics, he appeared at the Badaling section of the Great Wall to carry the torch, and took photos with many passers-by.Another big brother of Hong Kong, Yam Tada Wah, also watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics and retweeted the People’s Daily, saying: “My motherland and I cannot be separated for a moment.”At the end of the article, he also cheered for the athletes.Huo Qigang guo Jingjing family also kept in front of the TV, three children saw the national flag, awe, all stood up straight line attention, their clothes printed with “CHINA”, very rob the scene.In addition to the opening ceremony, the mascot bing Dwen Dwen has become so popular that Even Ying CAI ‘er likes it, joking: “See how cute you can be today?”Chen Xiaochun is very painful Yingcai er, as a good man, he is naturally accompanied by his wife and children to watch the Winter Olympics live, but also took time to release a statement for the opening ceremony praise.More than 60 Hong Kong stars, including Cheung Chi-lam, Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung, sang the winter Olympics theme song “Together for the Future”.Some of the entertainers from Taiwan will be in support of the Games, such as Yi Nengjing, Nicky Wu, Jiao Enjun, Angela Chang and Liu geng hong.After the opening ceremony, hundreds of stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan posted messages of support, all proud of the prosperity and strength of their motherland.Yi returned to her hometown and reunited with her parents. She said the neighborhood children also came to watch the opening ceremony, bluntly saying, “Proud day!”The pictures she posted showed the simple interior of her hometown. The TV and living room were small and the furniture was not luxurious, but the family sat together in a happy, warm and loving way.In addition to Hong Kong and Taiwan stars, there are many artists.Such as Yu Hewei, Zhang Xiaofei, Pu Cunxin, CAI Guoqing, Bao Jianfeng, Ren Quan, Ha Wen, Ma Yili, Chen Hao, Zhao Yue, Zhang Zilin, Fang Anna, Cao Kefan, Zhang Zequn, Feng Lin, Zhang Hongmin, Lao Chunyan, Nig Maiti and so on, the total number of more than 50 people, I will not give details here.Yu hewei, who previously worked with Zhang Yimou on “Shake Shake Shake To The Bridge” and “On the Cliff,” praised the opening ceremony while also supporting Zhang’s new film “Sniper,” which shows that they have a good personal relationship.All say “the people’s eyes are bright”, zhang Yimou director and team’s hard work, got everyone’s unanimous praise, I believe the closing ceremony will be more wonderful!# Winter Olympics #, # Jackie Chan #, # Yi Nengjing # Rappers a beana this article by Gapfan entertainment original, welcome attention, take you together long knowledge!

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