Guan Xiaotong release dynamic: seaside to everyone worship an early years, in the face of slander live out their own appearance

Guan Xiaotong released dynamic: the United States but three seconds, in the seaside to everyone to worship an early years, and with the picture charming beauty, or so beautiful, lovely, perfect figure!Handsome appearance and hand the hair, perfect face, white thin unlined upper garment, wearing a pair of jeans, seems to be taking photos of the time to laugh, first over your face smile, to direct stoop, laughing, the last one should be afraid of see her charming smile, the Mosaic, xiaotong guan in a good mood, tomorrow is the New Year, a rare can leave, put down the work,Happy as a charming maiden, the figure is so good, behind the beautiful sea!Guan Xiaotong child star debut, so we pick a pick her past!Guan Xiaotong was born in Beijing on September 17, 1997. Guan Xiaotong was born in an artistic family. His father is a film and television actor.In 2008, she became famous and recognized by the audience for her role in How Far is Happiness? In 2014, she played the emotional drama One Servant two Masters and won the Audience’s Favorite New actress award in the National Drama Festival.In 2016, with a total score of 552 in the college entrance examination, I was admitted by Beijing Film Academy with the first score in both professional courses and cultural courses.In the same year, she starred in the urban love drama Good Sir And won the magnolia Award for Best Supporting Actress in the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival.In 2017, guan was publicly romantically involved with Lu Han. In the same year, he starred in the inspiring youth drama Aurora Love. In 2019, Guan was selected by China Movie Channel as one of the four young actresses of the new generation.In 2020, Guan was ranked 71st on the 2020 Forbes China Celebrity List.On February 1, 2022, Guan Xiaotong participated in the 2022 Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala “Departure for Spring”, and performed the song and dance show “Flower Heart” with Wang Ou and Fu Jing.Now Guan Xiaotong can sing and dance, acting is excellent, at the same time in the show to keep not too much contact with male stars, to prevent gossip, although only 20 years old age, experienced abuse and netizens slander and boycott, she strong live out their own appearance, WISH Guan Xiaotong career long red!

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