LPL Spring competition: Uzi performs the first video game on spring night, chewing gum, fans work continuously

LPL esports quiet for a long time, with the announcement of Uzi debut news, thoroughly lively up, in BLG official blog announced Uzi in the second game against IG debut, Uzi’s name quickly rushed to the hot search, ranked the second hot search list, even if retired for up to two years,Uzi’s name is still very popular in the LEAGUE of Legends esports community, and after Uzi’s official appearance, the live broadcast room of THE LPL event went viral, with fans cheering Uzi’s return, and then the whole process of Uzi’s debut.First, fans used Uzi to make fun of a wave of RNG team. As we all know, Uzi had a relationship with RNG after the official announcement of his retirement, and he had finished his retirement amicably. However, When Uzi was eager to come back, he was struck by THE “god of the contract” RNG.Fortunately, in this transfer period, BLG team helped Uzi successfully complete his comeback, and in the case of BLG’s declining form, Uzi also welcomed this season’s debut.After Uzi’s debut, fans directly named the game RNG and IG, and switched to BLG and IG, and called the game BLG and IG was fake, but the game BLG and IG was the real game.However, for Uzi personally, these two matches are quite a pity. In the second game, Highland recovered from three kills, but lost to BLG in the decider, and did not win the first match after his comeback. Whether it will have an impact on Uzi’s subsequent state remains to be seen.In addition, in the ban selection stage after Uzi’s debut, fans observed a very familiar scene through the director’s camera. In the camera, Uzi was still staring at the hero Ban on the screen, and on the other side he was still chewing gum. I believe fans familiar with Uzi should know that this is almost Uzi’s customary practice in the arena.It’s not uncommon for fans to chew gum to find optimum comfort, but it still left many in tears.E-sports lap top, of course, Uzi debut, natural e-sports circle is short of little not blessing, in addition to the IG team network officer pushed out “Yes”, many explanations and host is also open blessing strange, LPL official host more cream is released figure, figure drew a fan of vivid image, and the result is that the initial position is lying on the chair,After hearing the news of Uzi’s debut, I sat up straight to watch the game, which shows how important Uzi’s name is in LPL esports.As for Uzi paragraph a problem before the debut, fans and to the whole work, want to know before did not debut, Uzi is suffering in the bureau of rank, with the game almost are haunted by the actor players, and the day before the debut, Uzi finally by segmenting team training game with master, thought that fans would be flattered,As a result, the whole work was done with the help of Faker’s previous meme, using the line “Faker cooks like a master” to warm up Uzi’s comeback.Personally speaking, fans are very excited about Uzi’s comeback. After all, as a top AD player in the e-sports circle, he didn’t win his dream S tournament trophy until he retired. Fans are also very sorry for Uzi.However, according to the current competitive state of Uzi, although he played well in the first two matches, he can only be evaluated as normal. In addition, the tacit understanding between Uzi and other players in the team also needs to be improved, which is also a problem that BLG team urgently needs to solve.What do you think of Uzi’s comeback and fans’ constant work?Let us know in the comments section below.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to yu Xiaoyu

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