Shiyan Dongyue Sub-district police station: deepen the “finding and blocking prevention 2022”, standardize the use of weapons

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Wang Pei) “this is belonging to the people’s police use police weapons and weapons regulations of the ninth ninth case, after warning invalid, can use weapons…”On February 14, shiyan Dongyue sub-district police station held a debate on the use of firearms in shenhua city public Security Bureau.”We need to use guns boldly and legally, but we also need to insist that guns are not displayed and used unnecessarily.In the on-site disposal, we should adhere to the people-oriented, resolve contradictions, especially in the disposal of complex contradictions and disputes, we should pay attention to methods and skills, as far as possible to ease contradictions…”Dongyue branch party committee member, director of the central district lu Xiaoqiang comments on the debate, the normative use of weapons and weapons again emphasized.It is understood that since this year, in order to further deepen the “police protection project” and effectively improve the police combat skills, the institute will “find blocking prevention 2022” action into the daily reception and disposal of police, by the case and the standard use of weapons police weapons, the police standard law enforcement “first button”.The use of the daily morning meeting, complete the handover of weapons and police weapons, to avoid major omissions, while organizing the police on duty on the previous day to comment on the police situation, together to check gaps.Through mutual evaluation and mutual search, the responsibility of the police is deepened to avoid the “tail” of the police situation, and the disposal skills can be exchanged in the discussion to effectively improve the standard of police reception and disposal.

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