The border and coastal defense officers and soldiers warm heart

In order to carry forward the fine tradition of supporting and caring for soldiers and create a strong social atmosphere of respecting and caring for soldiers, in the morning of February 15th, Qixia District Double Support Office and district ex-servicemen volunteer service team jointly carried out the “Affection for Border and Coastal Defense officers and soldiers” visit and condolence activity.The delegation visited the families of the two soldiers stationed in border areas and delivered holiday greetings and gifts to their families. They had cordial conversations with them, inquired about their family situation and difficulties in detail, and thanked them for their contributions to the cause of national defense.In the next step, Qixia District will continue to carry out the series of activities of “Caring for military families and warm military hearts”, do a good job in the service guarantee work of military families, actively assist to solve the practical difficulties of military families, and send care and love to the heart of soldiers and military families.(CAI Chaoping, Liu Xiaoxue, Qixia District Veterans Affairs Bureau;Yanziji Street Service Station for ex-servicemen Chen Siyu)

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