The choice between the Harvard H6 and jetway X70 PLUS

The Harvard H6 and Jetto X70 PLUS have become head-to-head rivals in the 100,000-class SUV segment.The third generation of Hafu H6 price of 115,900-154,900 yuan, with the precise grasp of consumer demand, perennial among the best sales.The Jetto X70 PLUS, priced between 77,000 yuan and 154,900 yuan, has seen rapid sales since its launch, making it an active vehicle in the public eye.So, when “dark horse” meets “evergreen tree”, who is the optimal choice of consumers?Let’s make a comparison.Modeling: Deduce different styles of urban SUV “Huicheng Leader” family design language, to jietu X70 PLUS added a lot of fashionable colors.From the point of view of the real car, the large octagonal net makes the whole front face appear very stable, the “cornice Angle” headlights have a sense of design, the LED daily running lights of the vertical bar array on both sides are inspired by the Huizhou gate lantern, which has a good meaning of good luck.The low flat style of the 1.9 meter wide car, coupled with large tires, streamlined waist line design, and bilateral four exhaust ports, makes the whole car look dynamic.The front face of the third generation Of Harvard H6 uses a large flat hexagonal air intake grille, and the interior is decorated with classic chrome mesh structure. It is matched with the “flaming” LED headlights and the angular front bumper, which is tough and fierce, creating a “T” modeling effect, and is also very popular with mainstream car buyers.Space: Jetway X70 PLUS has obvious advantages in space, and the two cars are “big” in the same class.The third generation Haval H6 is 4653/1886/1730mm in length, width and height, and 2738mm in wheelbase, which has advantages over Changan CS75 PLUS and Geely Boyue PRO.The jetway X70 PLUS is bigger than the third generation Harvard H6, 96mm longer, 7mm longer wheelbase, and 14mm wider.The long wheelbase allows for more legroom, while the wide body ensures looser shoulders for multiple seats in the back.Jetway X70 PLUS (seven seats) seat layout not only that, Jetway X70 PLUS also provides a variety of models with 5/6/7 seats to choose from, in the context of the “three-child policy”, it is particularly friendly to multi-child families.At the same time, the back seat can be adjusted 25-41 degrees, passengers can adjust to the neck, waist and legs of the best support position, long-distance ride can effectively relieve fatigue, especially practical.The third row seats also support 5/5 proportional recline. After recline, the seat back is flush with the trunk bottom plate, flexibly expanding the trunk space.Power: Mainstream price range, Jetway X70 PLUS stronger Both cars offer a variety of power combinations.In the mainstream price range of 100,000-130,000 yuan, the 1.5TGDI engine of the third-generation Haf H6 is pitted against the 1.6TGDI engine of jetto X70 PLUS.The maximum power of Haf H6 is 124kW, and the peak torque is 285N·m.Jetway X70 PLUS has a maximum power of 145kW and a peak torque of 290N·m, which is stronger than Haf H6 in power output.Jetway X70 PLUS 130-150,000 yuan range, the third generation of Haffer H6 out of the 2.0TGDI engine, and provide four-wheel drive models.In terms of power reserve, it does have a slight edge over the Jetway X70 PLUS.Of course, bigger emissions mean better fuel consumption.But in this price range, consumers can buy the Zhuge version of Jito X70 PLUS, the 16 ADAS advanced driver assistance technologies, snapdragon chip with 50,000 DMIPS computing power, and the super car system jointly powered by Huawei HiCar and Tencent Ecolor.One pursues power, the other pursues intelligence, the two sides in this round, can be said to have each other’s strengths and weaknesses.Jetto X70 PLUS also offers 1.5T turbocharged models, including manual and automatic transmission, with the official price starting at 77,000 yuan.It is tempting to buy such a big SUV within 100,000 yuan.Jetway X70 PLUS Forged all-aluminum front control arm In terms of handling, both cars use “front McPherson + Rear multi-link” four-wheel independent suspension.The jetway X70 PLUS has a multi-link rear suspension with a horizontal stabilizer bar, which helps improve driving stability.Furthermore, jetway X70 PLUS uses forged all-aluminum front control arms to improve chassis toughness while reducing unsprung weight and improving handling performance.The Jetto X70 PLUS is the only model in the 150,000-plus range to use the forged aluminum manipulator arm, which is usually used in luxury cars like the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series.Configuration: Jetway X70 PLUS is richer and more cost-effective configuration has always been the core advantage of domestic cars, but also the power point of competition.In order to make a more intuitive comparison, the author selected two popular kingpin models with the same price for analysis, namely, Haffer H6 2021 third-generation 1.5T automatic two-drive Max, and Jetway X70 PLUS 2021 1.6T DCT Ground PRO 5 seats.By comparison, jetway X70 PLUS is equipped with more features, such as the electric trunk with location memory function, electric adjustment of the main and co-pilot seats, seat ventilation, front parking radar, blind area image and so on.In addition, jietu X70 PLUS is equipped with 20-inch wheel hub, multi-color ambient light, built-in car recorder, makeup mirror lighting, automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirror and other configurations.It is worth mentioning that jetway X70 PLUS also has more anion generators and air purifiers than Harvard H6, apparently paying more attention to cockpit health.Anion is known as “air vitamin”, for air purification and virus and bacteria elimination effect is very good.The experiment proves that when the anion in the air reaches 20000 /cm3, the dust can be reduced by 98%, and the JietuX70 PLUS anion generator can create 21460 /cm3 concentration of anion space.Comprehensive comments: It is not difficult to see through the comparison, jetway X70 PLUS in space size and seat layout flexibility are significantly better than the third generation Of Harvard H6.In the 100,000-130,000 yuan mainstream price range, Jietu X70 PLUS power is more powerful, cost-effective is also more prominent;The two cars have different focuses in the 130-150,000 yuan range. Hafu H6 provides four-wheel drive models to meet off-road needs, while Jetu X70 PLUS pursues intelligent experience, leading both intelligent assisted driving and intelligent cockpit.In addition, Jietu X70 PLUS also layout below 100,000 yuan models, a wider range of consumption.Comprehensive comparison, jetway X70 PLUS is undoubtedly better than the third generation of Haffer H6 worth starting.

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