“Fight against low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather” Changde Shimen: breaking the ice and melting snow, they have been on the road

Changde Shimen County pot bottle Mountain to the north and South town of nearly 30 kilometers of frozen road, the county road construction and maintenance center Qin Huazhou maintenance workers day and night to break the ice melt snow, in February 9 at 5:30 PM finally can open to traffic unilaterally.Shimen county is northwest hunan mountain highway mileage is the longest, the county with the highest altitude, among them the highway of 800 meters above the altitude has 83 kilometers.The first snow of hunan winter, nine out of ten appear in Shimen.Around the Spring Festival, successive heavy snow, Hunan ridge snow came the earliest, melt the latest.In order to ensure the safety of Spring Festival travel, to meet the passenger flow return peak, Qin Huazhou and other road maintenance workers on duty, ice melting.Qin Huazhou is in charge of road maintenance from Xinguan Town to north and South town in the northwest area of Shimen County. He has worked for more than 20 years and sticks to the road every Year during the Spring Festival.Qin Huazhou round for the first time in the road ice melt, on the eve of the New Year’s Eve, such as busy work back home to 11 o ‘clock at night.On the evening of the first day of the lunar New Year, the second snow fell.Qin Huazhou and colleagues overnight driving snow melt agent disperser, from the south of the county all the way north.Inside were bags and bags of industrial salt snowmelt.On February 7, Shimen was again hit by a heavy snowstorm in the whole county. On the evening of February 8, another layer of snow was added. Coupled with the continuous low temperature, the high-altitude section of nearly 30 km from Huppeng Mountain to North and South Town remained frozen.After the Spring Festival, many farmers are eager to return to the factory to resume work.The highway is the main link between Hunan and Hubei, and hundreds of thousands of people will travel from south to north.The road has been closed for three days, and people who are preparing to go out and can’t make it are worried.At 11 o ‘clock in the morning of February 9, Qin Huazhou and his colleagues all the way to the foot of the mountain road with snow melt agent.The cold wind whistling, Qin Huazhou and colleagues standing on the bucket, the snow melt agent into the spinner, slowly.At 5:30 PM, after more than six hours of melting snow, the road up the mountain was finally passable on one side.Qin Huazhou gloves all wet, cold hands red and swollen.After the vehicle will honk signal to thank you, this time, Qin Huazhou smile very sweet.”Although unilateral passage is now possible, we still have to be on duty at night. There must be no disorder, otherwise there will be serious problems.”Qin Huazhou said to colleagues, until tomorrow with forklift to melt the ice shovel off to bilateral traffic.Source: Changde Daily

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