Cicinho claims casemiro’s function is a bit monotonous and in theory jose mourinho’s concept fits in at the Bernabeu

After real Madrid lost to Greater Paris, the La Liga media suggested that Carlo Ancelotti might face a job dispute, if the Italian coach leaves the Bernabeu, who could coach real Madrid?Former Brazil star cicinho says that in theory jose mourinho’s ideas fit with those at the Bernabeu and that fiorentino could follow his model in looking for a new manager.Of course, cicinho wants the management to continue to trust Ancelotti, who has no problem with his tactics as the galacticos have had injury problems in the middle of the season.Mourinho’s philosophy fits in well with Real Madrid, and Cicinho believes florentino missed out on the Portuguese coach, which is a pity.Cicinho also commented that the bernabeu’s Brazilian, Casemiro, is a bit monotonous and that real’s attacking options would be better if ancelotti could exploit tiger’s many attributes.Cicinho believes that casemiro’s creativity is underestimated, and that he has a very good attitude in the eyes of the media and famous players, whether he plays in central midfield, midfield or central midfield, he can help his teammates to complete the task of attack and defence.However, the tiger’s imagination and organization skills seem to be not very good, in the middle and front of the stars of the Real Madrid, the octagonal players like Casemiro, it seems that can only be used as an engineer type of player.The Bernabeu also have the midfield gurus of Luka Modric and kroos, but Casemiro’s technical skills are not at an advantage, so cicinho understands the frustration of tiger as a support player, which makes casemiro’s function a bit monotonous.Cicinho, however, has been left to worry about his junior team’s playmaking abilities and creative attacking potential, which ancelotti has failed to recognise, despite casemiro’s central midfield role as a theoretical centre of attack and defence.However fat tiger still completed the task of the engineer, he has no initiative to attack the possibility, when he is in good position, it is difficult to pass the ball to him.The former star of samba football also hinted that Asensio seemed to want to express himself and that he had a touch of Greenwood in the first half.Of course, cicinho also understands that asensio wants to play in the World Cup, and enrique’s lack of enthusiasm for real Madrid’s players is understandable.In fact, I felt after the ball that other bernabeu players also have this kind of dedication, the team unity problems, with casemiro with fewer people, which is also the reason why the functional attributes of the tiger is a little monotonous.Cicinho wants ancelotti to radically change real’s tactical structure and the status of Casemiro.So cicinho says casemiro’s function is a bit monotonous, it’s a problem of the manager’s awareness and the solidarity factor.With the La Liga press talking about a possible change of coach at the club, Cicinho said ancelotti’s tactics were in the right direction because the Italian was meant to be real’s coach in transition and he was not the long-term plan.Cicinho sees no need for florentino to make a mid-season change as long as there is no “secret door” in the bernabeu dressing room.If management had to make a change, cicinho felt mourinho would be the right choice.According to reports in la Liga, zidane decided to leave the galacticos in the middle of last season.At that time, Mourinho was also in a difficult period at Tottenham, he and levy and some of the players were at odds, it was also read that “florentino and jose mourinho had dinner”.These details indicate that real Madrid management at the time, has considered mourinho to replace Zizou.Jose mourinho became roma coach shortly after his dismissal from Tottenham hotspur, and insiders believe he is desperate to avoid florentino’s demands by continuing in charge at the Serie a club.In theory, mourinho’s philosophy is still to the advantage of developing new players and veterans, and as long as players have a good attitude in training, they will be fine with mourinho.Since jose mourinho took charge of the red Wolves, although roma’s record has not been too good, but we have also seen the improvement of young players such as Abraham and Zaniolo.Real Madrid have asensio and Militang on the rise, and the man who fits in with these young players is actually the Portuguese coach.So cicinho insists, in theory, mourinho’s vision fits in at the Bernabeu.

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