Did you bring a meal to work after holiday 2022?

After the Spring Festival of 2022, most enterprises have resumed work and entered the normal state of work, but the road of catering industry is not so easy to go, one after another catering brand closure, has been considered by the public as a normal thing.The reason why the catering industry has gone through such a difficult road is mainly due to three aspects: repeated epidemic, labor dividend has faded, and generation Z consumers prefer “immersive” experience.Can the restaurant industry turn the tide in 2022?It’s a mystery.Food is the life of the people, for office workers, should we consider bringing their own food?In today’s society, both streaming stars and the general public like to show their food and cooking skills on social platforms.Especially when they make their own delicious food, the sense of accomplishment.Bask in delicious food, show cooking skill, cannot leave the integration kitchen that suits oneself inevitably.Home has a Ytian S8S integrated stove, any zero-based catering enthusiasts, according to the built-in recipe operation, can make a delicious meal, one key operation, to avoid chaos.Winter, the sky outside the snow, you are doing their own love to drink in the warm home of the mutton soup, S8S integrated stove fire fierce, small fire stability, not only fried fast, and save gas, to make the delicious aroma of people.Take rice to the company, looking at colleagues one by one envy of the eyes, the heart is flattered.Sharing food is the love of ordinary life.Could the food you ate out be gutter oil?Could the back kitchen be a place for flies?You don’t know any of that.A lot of food and beverage stores, have been exposed because of health problems, and some of the brand chain stores we often patronize, think about these, are afraid.You can’t change anyone else. The only thing you can change is yourself.When faced with the dirty and messy environment of some catering businesses, you can choose to bring a meal to eat.When you come home from work, you are no longer accompanied by a cold phone, but a steaming kitchen.Open the steaming box under the Integrated stove of Ytian S8S, and steam the fresh and tender fish for yourself. Fish contains a lot of nutrients, and a healthy life needs to be created by yourself.Open the oven under Etian S8S and bake yourself a creamy custard tart. On weekends, basking in the sun, taking a bite of custard tart is the enjoyment of the good life.As an office worker, I take the meals prepared by myself to the company every day to enjoy healthy food and show my cooking skills.Why do you go to work from dawn to dusk, just to realize your value?No, what you yearn for more is bank card number a few more, daily consumption follow one’s inclinations, want to buy what to buy what, want to eat what to eat.Not only will you be able to eat whatever you want, but you’ll save money by bringing your lunch to work.To calculate an account, the average office worker breakfast 5 yuan + lunch 20 yuan + dinner 20 yuan = more than 45 yuan, is only an average office worker’s daily consumption.Just think, 45 yuan if you cook at home, can you buy more ingredients?Can you make yourself eat better?Can I improve my healthy diet?We all know that bringing lunch to work saves money, but there are still a lot of people who would rather take credit cards and spend money than bring lunch with them.The reason is very simple, cooking trouble.There is a 7-inch LCD screen on the top of ytian S8S integrated stove, and hundreds of intelligent recipes are built into the system. All you need to do is put the processed ingredients into the steaming box or oven, select the corresponding recipe from the intelligent menu, and start with one button to wait for the delicious food to come out.You can cook a whole table in as little as 15 minutes, which is very convenient.A person to eat good, is decided by their own;Whether a person eats healthily or not is decided by himself;The balance in one’s hand is more or less determined by oneself.So, did you bring a meal to work after the holiday in 2022?

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