Zhao Rui announced his return with a snap!Is Guangdong men’s Basketball team stable?Du Runwang was rejected by Internet celebrities

After the second stage of CBA, the teams began to arrange their holidays reasonably and went back to their homes to find their mothers.It also gives the players a good rest time, among which The health and return of Zhao Rui has become a close concern of guangdong fans.After all, the second stage of the guangdong team record of the state of decline or let many people worry about this defending champion.Zhao Rui’s indefinite absence not only deprives the team of a big gate on the defensive end, but also deprives the offensive end of a fast break point.He has played in just 12 games for Guangdong so far this season, averaging 13.3 points, 5 rebounds, 7.6 assists and 1.8 steals.In the second stage of the game, Guangdong’s defensive line was once in a tight situation, and “Xu Center” repeatedly became the only pillar of the outside line. Therefore, when Hu Mingxuan’s condition was up and down, Ma’s return was uncertain, and Weems was officially banned, Guangdong men’s basketball team urgently signed Lidle.Lidle’s four-game numbers looked good, Posting a triple-double in his debut and two double-doubles in his next three games, but his shooting consistency didn’t match his status as a foreign aid.Against Qingdao, 3 out of 18, against Sichuan, 7 out of 17.He shot 44 percent in four games combined.Lidle’s reliability will be in doubt if it comes up against a high-intensity defense in the playoffs.Guangdong wants to go further this season, the play of local players is the most important.Fortunately, there is good news for Zhao rui.In a recent video interview, Zhao Rui said that he has no problem at all, the fans and the team do not need to worry too much, it is only a matter of time to return to the court, the third stage will represent Guangdong men’s basketball games.Recently, Zhao Rui appeared on a field, and it seems that he has reached the level of playing.In addition to Zhao Rui, last season’s FINALS FMVP, Hu needs to quickly find his form, many games in January scored in the number of points, the relief pills are almost sold out.Also, the team’s third foreign aid should be ready in place, so as to avoid the third stage, playoff injury invasion lead to no one available, look at the aim to win the Beijing Shougang, are ready to the fourth foreign aid, Hamilton early in place….In such a tense playoff run, of course, we hope the players can settle down.For example, Du Runwang, hold up younger sister not to say, but also thoroughly turned over the cart.Recently, female Internet user “Spider Moon” posted a record of refusing to chat up Du Runwang in a private letter.In the private letter, Du Runwang said “hello”, and was rejected by the Spider moon: “Too ugly, don’t send information.”Boy, du Runwang was almost rejected to grandma’s house.Finally kan ball king also on his own to carry a few Japanese beautiful photos, we fine product.

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