National foot brave against the wind!Is it ignorant or shameless to mock women’s football with sea cucumbers?The fans reacted angrily

Unexpectedly, when the “sea cucumber eating incident” of Chinese men’s football team gradually cools down, former national football player Zhao Jianming has taken a bold step in the opposite direction, apparently with no intention to cool down the incident.A few days ago, Zhao Jianming specifically released a video on personal social media related to the sea cucumber and the Chinese women’s football team.In the future, all men’s football players will not have the right to eat sea cucumbers, so they must give them to the women’s football team to fight for the injustice of the current national players, who have no face to speak out directly because of their poor performance.Rui-xue li disguised as women’s international but the video obviously doctored the concept, the meaning of the fans is not international, and all the football players in the future, I can’t eat any sea cucumber, but said that as an international football is the worse not deserve to eat sea cucumber such treatment, if you pay to buy to eat, nobody tube, but you can’t let the football association to spend money to treat, isn’t it?But Zhao Jianming’s meaning is clearly that they can not buy their own food, the future only women’s football players can eat sea cucumber, men’s football can not touch.Zhao Jianming’s reversal of black and white, to allude to the practice of women’s football back fans, is naturally made public anger.So zhao Jianming is ignorant, or shameless?At this juncture also dare for the national football team “petition for injustice”, said Zhao Jianming ignorant, I’m afraid even his own do not believe it?Obviously is specially planned, this is no bottom line show lower limit shameless – anyway, the national football team has no face no skin, but also afraid of what?”I’m not ashamed, I’m proud of it.”These 8 words can be said to be the zhao Jianming husband and wife’s face portrayed incisively and vividly, it is too incisive.Zhao Mingjian, born in November 1987 in Dalian, Liaoning Province, is a professional football player.Now he plays for Shanghai Shenhua Football Club of Chinese Super League.Zhao mingjian was transferred to Shandong Luneng FOOTBALL Club in January 2013, and was loaned to Changchun Yatai before returning to Shandong Luneng in 2014.On February 23, 2017, Zhao mingjian was transferred to Hebei Football Team and joined Shanghai Shenhua in January 2020.In February 2016, Zhao jianming put on the jersey of national brand for the first time and was selected to the Chinese men’s national football Team coached by Gao Hongbo to represent China in the Round 12 of Asian Zone qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.The only highlight of Zhao jianming’s career is that he was once selected to the national team. Is it too much to say that he is a washed-up national player?Li Ruixue, born in 1990 in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, is a Mainland actress and model.In 2010, Li Ruixue graduated from Chifeng Martial Arts School and went to Hengdian to make a living on the introduction of her elder brother.I don’t know if you notice that?Zhao Jianming and Li Ruixue are martial arts, Zhao played small practice football, Li since childhood practice martial arts, starting from hengdian extras, it should be said that this pair of husband and wife is commonly known as “simple mind, limbs developed” type.What is more ironic is that Zhao Jianming is not only bad at football but also hard at mouth. Li Ruixue, as the player of the national women’s football team in “Drama”, is clumsy in acting. However, she is still a professional actress, who does not understand her own industry and has the face to rub against the heat of the women’s football team?Bad review!Write in the end Zhao Jianming couple touch porcelain China women’s football team, want China men’s football team to pull back a city, but the fans are not stupid, clear the good and bad, deserve to be condemned!# Chinese Men’s Football #

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