Come back to win!Chinese women’s football team has our Yantai girl!

China beat South Korea 3-2 in the final of the 2022 Asian Women’s Football Cup in India on February 6.After 16 years, the women’s football team returned to the top of Asia, showing the spirit of striving and never giving up.Among them, wearing no. 10 jersey galloping on the field, is yantai Zhifu girl Zhang Rui.Zhifu women’s football team has always been the pride of yantai competitive sports. Over the years, it has achieved the dream of several generations of Yantai football people.Zhang Rui, a girl of women’s football team, is an outstanding football talent of the new era trained and delivered by Zhifu Sports School. In 2014, Zhang Rui scored three goals to complete a hat trick in the last 6 minutes of the Brazilian Women’s Football Invitational against Argentina.In 2015, he represented The Chinese Women’s Football Team at the Women’s World Cup in Canada.In 2016, participated in the Rio Olympics and won the fifth place;In 2017, he was awarded the title of “International Athlete” by the General Administration of Sport of China.In 2018, won the second place in Indonesia Asian Games;In 2019, represented the Chinese women’s Football team at the Women’s World Cup in France…Just now, Zhang Rui and her teammates defeated South Korea women’s Football Team, a powerful Asian team, to win the Asian Cup. The brilliant blooming of the Sonorous Roses added a great color to the sports cause of China and Yantai.Zhang Rui, born in 1989, is a midfield player who organizes defense and participates in attack.It is reported that Zhang Rui has outstanding physical condition since childhood, love football, from the fourth grade to junior high school graduation, from Zhifu Sports school coach Sheng Li, hard training football skills, on behalf of Yantai city many times to participate in the provincial games, has been fully experienced, achieved excellent results.As zhang Rui’s first coach, Sheng Li knew very well the strength and talent of this girl from Yantai. “She is smart and has a good sense. She plays football with her head on her shoulders.Zhifu District Sports School as a county – level sports school, football, volleyball, gymnastics and other traditional advantages of the school.The first-class athletes such as Zhu Jing and Zhang Rui from Zhifu Sports School bring us too many wonderful memories.In the 2015 season, Shandong Women’s Football team won the champions of women’s League A, women’s Football Championship and Women’s Super Champion Cup, realizing the great achievement of “triple crown”.Among them, the team from Zhifu sports school reached 6.Ma Yuan ‘an, the former head coach of the national women’s football team, had gone to Zhifu Stadium to watch the training of Yantai women’s football team. He felt very excited. Ma praised the Yantai girl playing football on the field with an exciting passion.Women’s soccer girl Zhang Rui’s hard work is the concentrated embodiment of yantai spirit.New era, a new starting point, chefoo girl is involved, the women’s title at chefoo sports career a shot in the arm “, chefoo sports schools will stand at a new historical starting point, bear in mind that “no lead is behind”, continues to be indomitable, struggling to racing, contributing to greater yantai sports, to cultivate more like Richard c.haskelli outstanding sports talent.

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