Dear jun brother, I was born again to be with you

Recently, many book fans have joked that they do not know what books are good to kill time during their break, so they unconsciously fall into the state of book shortage. As a long-time book fan, xiaobian has the same feeling.Today, xiaobian will solve the problems for you, continue to introduce good novels, let the life of the book fans become more colorful.Good-looking words remember to click collection, so not afraid of the book shortage again later!Today xiaobian to recommend: “REBIRTH of space I am a wife” dear brother, I can be born with you!The first: “Jiao ye, the madam is spoiled by you!”Author: xiaolou laugh dongfeng into the pit guide: hung up the phone, Zou Yun feel like he still sleepwalk.She gently scratched the palm of Zhou Ming ya’s hand: “Does it hurt?”Zhou mingya felt the weight of her kitten’s scratch and shook her head gently: “No feeling.”No feeling?Zou Yun unconsciously add key strength, “so?”Not really. She’s really in the dark.The dream was a little too real.”Still nothing.”I heard the voice of Zhou Ming in nirvana, but this time, the smile is particularly obvious.You don’t have to be a fool to understand that he’s teasing her.Zou Yun eyes a narrow, suddenly a bad heart, “really?”She pretended to be suspicious and stared sideways at Zhou Ming ya.The latter nodded nonchalantly.However, as he nodded, Zou jumped at him, opened her mouth and bit him on the neck.Zhou’s muscles tightened, but her palms almost unconsciously buckled on zou yun’s back of the head, in case she bumped against her.No worries, Zou Yun bite more vigorously.He even grinds his teeth on purpose.After a long time, Zhou Ming gently smiled, “Be gentle.”Zou Yun looked up, “don’t say have no feeling?”Just to make her laugh, huh?The point is this guy is addicted.Now let him feel her real strength.Zou Yun interest is high, plus just heard the good news of Qi, now the whole like is found new fun, can not help but pressure Zhou Ming ya, bite more huan.”Eldest brother, heard zou Yun came, she……”Office door is suddenly pushed open by the person, jubilant laboratory a stem science and technology male people just want to ask, old colleague ran where, result, see Zou Yun now lie prone on their eldest brother body, not, accurate to say — is pressing him close on sofa.I knock??Judge not a book by its cover!Eldest brother love painting style, unexpectedly is such??Zou Yun suddenly feels the atmosphere is wrong, one gets up, sees the office door a group of people eyeball explosively stare at oneself, and…Below her is Nirvana in fire zhou Ming.I’m not, I’m not, we were just messing around!At that moment, she suddenly wanted to learn from her sister’s calm and self-contained burst of energy, but…I really can’t afford it.(Click below to read for free) the second book: “REborn space OF I am a beautiful wife” author: water in people is not (” reborn space of I am a beautiful wife “dear brother, I can be reborn with you!Into the pit guide: “wood wood to, this is father and mother to 100 yuan, let us return to the door to buy more things, and this 300 yuan, is my own savings in these years, you also buy yourself good clothes to wear.”Iron Jun said happily, as if he had done something great.In an age when the monthly salary is 20-30, 300 is a huge amount of money.He can buy clothes for his daughter-in-law, a man will be very happy, let alone the iron army.Mu mu looked at the man in front of him, bachelor’s money to himself, very moved in the heart, think of 21 classic words, see a man have money, want to see him to spend how much money to you.Mumu, I believe that the iron army certainly did not even keep travel expenses for themselves.My eyes are red.”All right.”Wood to take the money in the past, not and iron polite, because wood know, if you don’t take over, iron may think wood, don’t want to be with him, sure enough, wood took the money, iron happy grin.In the heart of the iron army, they always remembered the old general’s words: if the enemy is to be killed, the daughter-in-law is to die of pain, as a man, his wife can not support, but also when a soldier, the wife is the most difficult, and widowed no difference.Think of this iron army think, want to go back to think he is already the captain, in the army also stayed for 9 years, in a year can let mu mu apply to accompany the army.”Mumu, I want to apply for you to accompany with the army next year, would you like to?Army life can be a bit hard, but we can see each other a lot.”When speaking, iron heart a little worried wooden wood will not agree, after all, to the troops a lot of things to do her own, think of this, iron a little afraid of wooden tired.”But it’s urgent. We can talk about it in a few years.”After all, he wanted to see his beautiful wife more often.”Yes, I wish I could see the Iron Army more often.””Really?That I apply for you to go to the army next year, mu mu I good happy!”Look at the present happy iron army, wooden heart is also very happy.Iron army why wouldn’t I?!I want to be with you all the time, especially with the army and all those people staring at you!Hum, want to hit her wood wood man, I can’t let them feel better this time, looking at the man in front of mu mu, mu mu had to admit, although iron jun is not now very handsome, and grow a little scary, dark skin, deep facial features, but own a let a person majesty, but in mu mu in front is nothing to feel.(Click below to read for free) the third: “Rebirth 80: Meng Shao’s space little wife” author: I love to eat grapefruit into the pit guide: “purr……”A low SOB woke Yugabo. She opened her heavy eyelids. She was in a dark room, but she thought she might be dreaming!Because, she was the fiance and the most trusted friends conspired to kill, just died in an explosion in the laboratory!Obviously when the explosion of the body broken pain still in the nerve endings, why at the moment she has a sense of life?No, no!Since when can she feel her legs?Leng for a few seconds, you gabo’s expression slowly emerged a trace of surprise!It doesn’t seem to be her body!Suddenly, there was a dull pain in my head!She hugged her head in pain, and then in her mind flashed a scene back to the ‘lantern like’ picture, and when the ‘lantern back’ turned to the last page, You gabo shocked to stare big eyes!These “back to the horse lights” turned out to be the memory of the original owner of this body, the owner of this body suffered a heavy blow to the head half an hour ago, and after the original owner’s consciousness died, her soul inexplicably moved into the girl’s body, replacing her!Think about it…It’s incredible!”Whoo-hoo…”At this time, the voice next to you from the shock pulled back to reality.You gabo follow the sound to look, because the room is too dark, she only vaguely see a dark shadow behind not far away shaking, according to the original owner’s memory, she knew that the ‘dark shadow’ is not others, is tied up by the original owner’s mother!Yugabo shook her uncomfortable head, she hurried to the chair tied behind shi Xiuying, fumbling to untie the rope on her body.After the untie, You gabor patted Lee xiuying’s shoulder and gently comforted her, “Mom, it’s all right. Don’t be afraid.”For ‘mother’ this name, you gabao called very smoothly, since she has occupied the body of the original owner of the continuation of life, the original owner’s parents and relatives is naturally her, after she will take them as biological parents like treatment!But when xiuying was not appeased, but grabbed you Gabo’s hand, hand pointed at the door, throat issued an urgent ‘ah ah’ sound.Although when Xiuying is a mouth can not speak mute, but this body conduction to the memory of you Gabo let her when xiuying’s ‘sign language’ understand, when Xiuying this is urging her to leave here!(Click below to read for free) “Rebirth of space I am a wife” dear brother, I can be with you again!That’s all for today’s recommendation!Do you have any thoughts to say to xiaobian?Leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article, and you can see it. Look forward to your comments

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