Lithuanian freighters have been turned away again, and China has ordered a ban on all beef products: the EU has run out of tricks

According to the Itar-Tass news agency on February 11, China will suspend beef imports from Lithuania, according to a document released by the Chinese customs.The specific implementation date is February 9, and beef already transported by sea is also refused to enter Chinese customs after the implementation.China has ordered a ban on all Lithuanian beef products, leaving the EU at its wits’ end.The Haiguang Administration recently issued a document suspending the import of beef products from Lithuania from February 9, which is another Lithuanian product under Chinese sanctions after beer and other products.At present, a Lithuanian enterprise has obtained the qualification to export beef to China, but the export volume is not large.This is very bad news for Lithuania, because before China introduced some policies, Lithuania’s export of beer and other products to China has been affected. In addition, China restricted the export of some products to Lithuania from last year, which had a great impact on Lithuania’s industrial production.Some foreign companies with factories in Lithuania have moved out of the country for fear of repercussions.Some German companies have also opted to stop working with Lithuanian companies.These actions have a huge impact on The Lithuanian economy, but Lithuania seems to have no intention of correcting its mistakes, so China may continue to increase the intensity of the sanctions.Lithuania is a small country in Europe with little influence in the world and no close economic and trade ties with China, but it has been in the international news frequently since Last August.Since August last year, Lithuania has allowed Taiwan authorities to set up a representative office in Lithuania, clearly stepping on China’s red line.The Chinese foreign ministry strongly opposed Lithuania’s policy, but the country did not correct it, and diplomatic relations between the two sides quickly declined.Lithuania’s actions follow the instructions of the US side. In Lithuania’s view, they are far away from China and their economic and trade relations are not close, so China has no way to deal with Lithuania.But then The Chinese counterattack made Lithuania realize that not only the United States can use sanctions, but China can also use them, and that China’s informal sanctions can also cause Lithuania great losses.The EU is at its wit’s end over Lithuania.The EU does not agree with Lithuania’s provocation of China on taiwan-related issues. However, since this has happened, the EU should try its best to help Lithuania solve the problem and maintain the unity of the EU.The EU said to China that it could not impose economic pressure on Lithuania, otherwise it would take countermeasures, etc., but in fact, the EU has no more effective countermeasures on this issue.With China’s announcement of a ban on Lithuanian beef, it is also a complete failure of the EU to move on the issue.As a matter of fact, the EU should not interfere too much in this issue. After all, the problem was provoked by the US and Lithuania, and these two countries should also take responsibility for solving the problem. There is no need for the EU to offend China because of the Lithuanian issue.There is news that some European countries also want to follow Lithuania’s example and take the initiative to get close to the US side to provoke China, hoping to gain benefits from the US side.At this moment, China’s decision to impose additional sanctions on Lithuania may also be aimed at warning some countries not to go down the wrong path.Some countries should take note of Lithuania’s losses from sanctions.And things will not be easy for Lithuania. There will be a price to pay.

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