She was Admiral Lady Shawk, who gave birth to a son on the grass of the Long March, who became a major general

Walk the grass, across the snowy mountains, eat grass roots, cook bark, the Red Army trek, after untold hardships, escape from the enemy encircled, expand the revolutionary team, completed the long March this created a miracle feat.One unfortunate female warrior has survived all the hardships of the Long March and has been through the jaws of death, giving birth to a child in the grass.Unfortunate Is the son of a wealthy family in Hunan province. His ancestors have made a living through business and accumulated a huge amount of wealth. His father values education and sends all of his children to school.In 1934, the party organization appointed JianXianFo propagandist positions, for her ability to work, the party organization is very recognition, and she did not live up to what our party’s expectation, make full use of their talents, responded to an appeal by the party organization, arouse the enthusiasm of the masses of the people, and promote new ideas, some people with lofty ideals with her help, become a member of the red army, took to the revolutionary road,It can be seen that her working ability is very excellent.Below accidental opportunity, she gets acquainted with Xiao Ke, two people produce sincere feeling, pass the communication of period of time, produce feeling gradually, fall in he Long help, two people enter marriage hall, form revolutionary partner.In tense, eyeing up for our party, the kuomintang Chiang kai-shek sent troops to surround our want to kill our troops and considering the enemy strength is too strong, is unfavorable to smash, party organization decided to force to transfer, open against the mighty long march road, JianXianFo pregnant with a child, she had no melodramatic, with forces trekked through hardships, through guizhou,She meets her sister and learns that her brothers have died heroically.Her sister was worried about her because she was pregnant with a baby, but she kept on working.After a period of migration, the group arrives in Ganzi and – unfortunate – meets her sister once more. Her sister recognizes her condition and knows her child will be born soon. She feels happy about it, too.When the troops crossed the meadow, the elder sister took care of her young daughter and kept an eye on her pregnant sister.Before long, the JianXianFo body reaction, sister know is a child ready to be born, considering the environmental problems, will continue to go forward, to find a safe place of delivery, no birth condition, elder sister had to help her baby, she’s technology is not very good, JianXianFo to endure great pain, through unremitting efforts, child safety born,Unfortunate looks at her children and feels happy.At that time, the troops had to rush to other places without a stop, so there was no time for her to recover. Considering her physical safety, He Long asked several soldiers to carry her on a stretcher. She was very stubborn and insisted on not sitting down, not wanting to cause trouble to everyone.At that time, the situation was critical. The troops were short of food and clothing, and she did not get enough nutrition. In addition, after walking for so long, Li Bozhao saw her difficulties and volunteered to give her all the food.Li Bozhao had no food and fainted from hunger, picking up a life from the jaws of death several times.The troops finally came out of the long meadow into the middle of nowhere. A man wanted to trade food for her child.Food was scarce at that time, but she refused without hesitation.Until the three main forces of the Red Army successfully met, she was afraid of dragging her children, so she discussed with her husband to take their children to leave the team to the central base.Upon her arrival, Chairman MAO and Premier Zhou received her and praised her as a great heroine.After the founding of new China, the ability of the party organization work to her is very trust, appoint an important position, her husband Xiao Ke achievement is outstanding, awarded by the party organization, general of the two people is very strict with their children discipline, equally, there is no special care to the child, it was this family atmosphere under the influence, the child did not live up to their expectations, contribute to new China, has been awarded to major general.

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